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20 September 2023

6 minutes read

Understanding the Impact of a 570 GMAT Score on Your MBA Journey

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Your GMAT score plays a crucial role in your MBA admissions journey. Among the various score ranges, a GMAT score of 570 may raise questions about your competitiveness for admission to top business schools.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the significance of a 570 GMAT score, its impact on MBA admissions, and how you can enhance your prospects for a successful application.

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What is a 570 GMAT Score?

A GMAT score of 570 falls within a specific range on the GMAT exam, which is used by business schools to evaluate the readiness of candidates for MBA programs. This section will explain what this score means and its implications.

Breaking Down the GMAT Score

To truly understand a 570 GMAT score, we need to break it down. Your GMAT score is composed of several sections, including the Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment. In this section, we’ll explore each section’s significance in your overall score.

Percentiles and Rankings

Understanding where your score falls in the percentiles is crucial. We’ll discuss how your 570 GMAT score ranks compared to other test-takers and what it means in terms of competitiveness.

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The Importance of GMAT Scores in MBA Admissions

Explore the pivotal role that GMAT scores play in MBA admissions. Understand why business schools consider this score, how it affects your application, and what a good GMAT score is in the context of MBA admissions.

The Admissions Committee’s Perspective

What goes on in the minds of admissions committees when they see a 570 GMAT score? In this section, we’ll provide insights into how your score is perceived and why it matters to business schools.

Beyond the GMAT: Holistic Admissions

While the GMAT is important, it’s not the sole factor in your application. Discover how other aspects of your candidacy, such as work experience, GPA, recommendation letters, and your personal statement, come into play.


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What Does a 570 GMAT Score Imply?

Delve into the details of what a 570 GMAT score signifies for your MBA journey. Learn about percentiles, how your score compares to the competition, and its impact on your chances of admission.

Interpreting the Percentile Ranking

Your percentile ranking provides valuable context for your score. We’ll explain what it means to be in the 50th percentile with a 570 score versus being in the 90th percentile.

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Admission to Different Tiers of Business Schools

Explore the types of business schools that may admit applicants with a 570 GMAT score. We’ll discuss the range of schools you can consider and their specific requirements.

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Strategies to Improve Your 570 GMAT Score

A GMAT score of 570 might not be where you want it to be for your MBA aspirations but don’t be disheartened. With the right strategies and commitment, you can significantly enhance your score and increase your chances of securing a spot in your desired business school. In this section, we’ll delve into a range of effective strategies to help you improve your GMAT score.

Creating a Study Plan

One of the first steps to improving your GMAT score is creating a well-structured study plan. Your plan should be tailored to your strengths and weaknesses and take into account your available study time. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Assessment of Weaknesses: Begin by taking a diagnostic test or reviewing your previous GMAT results. Identify the specific areas where you struggle the most, whether it’s in the quantitative section, verbal section, or time management.
  2. Setting Realistic Goals: Define your target score. Ensure that your goal is ambitious but attainable based on your starting point. Breaking your goal into smaller, manageable milestones can make it less overwhelming.
  3. Weekly Study Schedule: Create a weekly study schedule that allocates sufficient time for each section of the GMAT. Consistency is key, so commit to regular study sessions.
  4. Utilize Study Resources: Invest in GMAT study materials, such as official GMAT guides, prep books, and online courses. These resources provide practice questions, sample tests, and detailed explanations to help you understand the test format and content.
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice: The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll become with the GMAT format and question types. Dedicate ample time to solving practice questions and taking full-length practice tests under timed conditions.
  6. Review and Analyze Mistakes: After each practice session or test, thoroughly review your mistakes. Identify the underlying concepts or strategies that caused errors and work on improving them.
  7. Adapt Your Plan: As you progress, adjust your study plan based on your performance. Focus more on your weaker areas while maintaining your strengths.

GMAT Prep Resources

To succeed in improving your GMAT score, you’ll need access to the right resources. Here are some of the most valuable ones:

  1. Official GMAT Guides: The official GMAT guides published by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) are a must-have. They contain real GMAT questions and official practice tests.
  2. GMAT Prep Courses: Consider enrolling in a GMAT prep course, either in-person or online. These courses provide structured study plans, expert guidance, and additional practice materials.
  3. Online Practice Platforms: There are several online platforms that offer a wide range of GMAT practice questions and tests. Some even use adaptive learning technology to tailor practice to your needs.
  4. GMAT Prep Books: Many reputable publishers offer GMAT prep books with comprehensive content review and practice questions. Look for books that cater to your specific needs.
  5. Private Tutoring: If you need personalized attention and guidance, hiring a private GMAT tutor can be a wise investment. They can identify your weaknesses and tailor their teaching to address them.
  6. Mobile Apps: Utilize GMAT prep apps for on-the-go practice. These apps often include flashcards, quizzes, and quick practice sessions.
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Test-Taking Techniques

Scoring well on the GMAT isn’t just about knowing the content; it’s also about mastering test-taking strategies:

  1. Time Management: The GMAT is a timed test, so practice time management rigorously during your study sessions. Learn to pace yourself to ensure you complete each section within the allotted time.
  2. Guessing Strategies: Understand when it’s strategically beneficial to guess on a question rather than spending too much time on it. The GMAT penalizes unanswered questions more severely than incorrect answers.
  3. Process of Elimination: Use the process of elimination to rule out answer choices that are clearly incorrect. This narrows down your options and increases your chances of selecting the correct answer.
  4. Reading Comprehension Skills: In the verbal section, focus on improving your reading comprehension skills. Practice summarizing passages and identifying key points and main ideas.
  5. Quantitative Strategies: Develop problem-solving techniques for the quantitative section, such as plugging in answer choices or using estimation to save time on complex calculations.

Consistent Review and Practice

Consistency is key when it comes to GMAT preparation. Make reviewing and practice an integral part of your routine:

  1. Regular Review: Set aside time each week to review previously covered material. This helps reinforce your understanding and ensures that you don’t forget key concepts.
  2. Retake Practice Tests: Periodically retake full-length practice tests to track your progress. Analyze your performance, focusing on areas where you still need improvement.
  3. Simulate Test Conditions: Take practice tests under realistic test conditions, including time constraints and a quiet environment. This helps you get accustomed to the pressure of the actual GMAT.
  4. Focus on Weaknesses: Concentrate more on the sections and question types where you’ve historically struggled. Targeted practice in these areas can lead to substantial score improvements.
  5. Adaptability: Be adaptable in your approach. If a particular study method or resource isn’t yielding results, don’t hesitate to switch it up and try something different.

Seek Additional Support

Sometimes, improving your GMAT score requires external support:

  1. Peer Study Groups: Join or create a study group with peers who are also preparing for the GMAT. Collaborative study sessions can provide fresh perspectives and motivation.
  2. GMAT Forums and Communities: Online GMAT forums and communities are excellent sources of advice and support. You can connect with others who are on the same journey and benefit from their experiences.
  3. Professional Guidance: Consider reaching out to GMAT experts or consultants who specialize in helping candidates improve their scores. They can offer personalized advice and strategies.
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Take Care of Your Health and Well-being

Don’t underestimate the importance of physical and mental well-being during your GMAT preparation:

  1. Healthy Lifestyle: Maintain a balanced diet, get regular exercise, and ensure you’re getting enough sleep. A healthy body and mind are better equipped for focused study.
  2. Stress Management: Learn stress management techniques such as meditation or mindfulness to keep anxiety in check during the test.
  3. Test Day Preparation: In the days leading up to the GMAT, familiarize yourself with the test center’s location, parking, and test day procedures. Reducing uncertainties can alleviate test-day stress.

Real-Life Success Stories

Read inspiring success stories of individuals who started with a 570 GMAT score and worked their way to top-ranked business schools. Gain insights into their journeys and the steps they took to achieve their goals.

Overcoming Adversity

These success stories aren’t just about high scores; they’re about determination, resilience, and dedication. Learn how these individuals overcame challenges to reach their MBA dreams.

Lessons from Successful Applicants

We’ll distill key takeaways from the success stories, giving you actionable advice and inspiration for your own journey.


In conclusion, a GMAT score of 570 is not the end of your MBA dreams. With dedication, strategic preparation, and a clear understanding of the admissions process, you can enhance your chances of gaining admission to the business school of your choice.

Remember that your GMAT score is just one aspect of your application, and a holistic approach to your candidacy can make a significant difference in the eyes of admissions committees. Your MBA journey is within reach; it’s up to you to seize the opportunity and excel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is a GMAT score, and why is it important for MBA admissions?

We’ll provide a comprehensive explanation of the GMAT score’s significance.

Is a 570 GMAT score competitive for MBA programs?

Explore the factors that make a 570 GMAT score competitive or not for different MBA programs.

How can I improve my GMAT score from 570 to a higher range?

Delve into specific strategies and tips for score improvement.

Do business schools consider factors other than GMAT scores for admissions?

Examine the holistic admissions process and the weight of various application components.

What are the average GMAT scores for top-ranked MBA programs?

Get insights into the average scores of MBA programs at various tiers.

How long should I prepare for the GMAT to achieve a better score?

Understand the timeline required for effective GMAT preparation.

Are there specific GMAT prep courses that can help me reach my target score?

Explore popular GMAT prep courses and their features.

Can a strong application, including GPA and work experience, compensate for a lower GMAT score?

Discover how a well-rounded application can enhance your chances of admission.

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