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23 April 2024

9 minutes read

Esade MBA GMAT Guide: Navigating Admission Process at Esade Business School in Barcelona

Key Takeaways:

  1. Esade’s MBA emphasizes a global and innovative approach to business.
  2. GMAT scores play a crucial role but aren’t the sole criteria.
  3. Diverse class profiles enrich learning at Esade.
  4. Esade’s location in Barcelona adds cultural and business value.
  5. Scholarships available for diverse and deserving candidates.


Travel a unique journey with the full-time MBA at Esade, a course with a 60-year tradition and a special place in the world’s current affairs, based in Barcelona. With its cutting-edge program and a promise to ‘rethink success’, Esade Business School provides an exceptional MBA that forces its students to ‘turn the table’ on their typical roles in business. This guide will explore the role of the GMAT in your application, give you an overview of the admissions process, and give you some additional information to help you find your way to joining Esade’s leading community.

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What is an Esade MBA?

The Esade MBA is one of the most prestigious and effective ways to learn for ambitious professionals ready to boost their spirit of business entrepreneurship and leadership. Hailing from the city of Barcelona, it is undoubtedly most respected for its:

  • Innovative Curriculum – A practical approach to the study; students learn what trends are hottest in the world of business.
  • Leadership Process – By utilizing workshops and work atmosphere, develop the future leaders of global business. 
  • Philosophy of Success – Candidates are encouraged to “rethink success” and “flip the planet,” generating both professional and personal meaning.
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What is the Admission Process for an Esade Full Time MBA?

Gaining admission into the Esade MBA program involves several critical steps, each designed to ensure candidates meet the high standards expected at Esade. The process includes:

  • Online Application – A detailed questionnaire including personal information, academic history, and powers.
  • Supplementary Materials – Essay, transcript, and recommendation letters, as evidenced above, can attest to one’s qualifications. 
  • Interviews – These can be in letters or through the camera; they focus on the person’s interpersonal and personal skills. 
  • Admissions Committee Review – In this stage, an Admissions Committee member decides on an applicant’s suitability.

What is the GMAT and How Does it Apply to an Esade MBA?

The GMAT is a crucial component in the admissions process for Esade’s MBA program, serving as a standard measure of an applicant’s readiness for advanced study in business management. Here’s how it integrates into the application:

  • Assessment of Skills: The GMAT evaluates quantitative, verbal, and analytical writing skills, critical for success in the MBA.
  • Admissions Criteria: A high GMAT score can significantly bolster an applicant’s credentials, showcasing their potential to excel in the demanding academic environment at Esade.

What is the Esade Business School in Barcelona?

Esade Business School is an educational institution at its core but it is also an innovation and leadership cushion provided by Barcelona’s vibrant culture and rich economic life. This business school stands out due to the following features:

  • Facilities: The Esade institution has all the facilities available at the most progressive educational institutions, including equipped classrooms, resources facilitated by modern technologies, and areas specially designed for creativity and collaboration.
  • Business connections: The institution has many successful relationships with global corporations, meaning that, as a student, one can benefit from networking and succeed in the industry even before graduating.


Esade’s MBA program is consistently ranked among the top in Europe and globally, noted for its strong emphasis on innovation and ethical leadership.

What are the Requirements for Applying to an Esade MBA?

A set of requirements is essential to choose the best candidates for the Esade MBA and make sure that every applicant is ready for the upcoming challenges of high-quality business education:

  • Educational achievements: Each applicant should be a graduate of an accredited institution with a bachelor’s degree that certifies applied knowledge and provides a decided advantage.
  • Professional experience: Each candidate needs to have at least two years of work experience to have practical insights to contribute to the subjects.
  • Standardized testing: Every candidate has to take a GMAT or GRE test to demonstrate academic abilities.
  • Language proficiency: Non-natives should take TOEFL or IELTS to prove that they can successfully navigate an English-taught program.
  • Background of perspective: Basic abilities to contribute and benefit from the program’s cultural diversity are expected.

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What is the Esade MBA Program Like?

The program’s educational journey is thoroughly engineered to fit the perfect model for the dynamics of any modern business environment. It seeks to position students as a leader bound to thrive in the complexities of the global market. Notably, the course is characterized by a set of unique features such as:

  • Rigorous Academic Curriculum: Classes designed to equip learners with a strong theory while integrating hands-on approach methodology for future market experiences.
  • Practical Applications: Outstandingly, there are various projects, company internships, and global business initiatives readily available to provide learners with an understanding of the real-world consumer.
  • Personal and Professional Development: Leadership labs, workshops on skills, and personal coaching among others to develop enhanced leadership response and professional rise.
  • Innovative Learning Environment: An environment integrated to believe in “rethink success” and “flip your perspective” to acquire the ability to think beyond the lane box.

What is the Average GMAT Score for an Esade MBA?

The following are major admission benchmarking for upcoming students aiming for the world-class Esade MBA program:

  • Average GMAT Score: On average, a successful student attains around 660. However, the Institution makes considerations into a holistic view:
  • Beyond Scores: A Great personal achievement and unique experience may result in a lesser score below what it is average.
  • All Rounded Admission Criteria: other factors than average grade are put into consideration, including an attractive professional background or successful community involvement.

What is the Average GRE Score for an Esade MBA?

Esade Is the kind of Institution willing to offer room for GRE score alternatives and not merely depend on GMAT scores; The following factor explains these alternatives :

  • GRE Scores: Just like the average competitive GRE score, The score also undergoes a close examination check to ensure that it falls on the highest border intellectualism
  • Score Conversion: The establishment can sometimes convert GRE scores for GMAT for convenient purposes of maintaining consistency level and up-to-standard measures.

What are the TOEFL and IELTS and How Do They Apply to an Esade MBA?

or non-native English speakers, proving English proficiency is paramount:

  • TOEFL and IELTS texts are tested and demonstrate the ability of candidates to actively participate in the academic life of an English-speaking university.
  • Application: A high score is necessary for the application process. It implies that all members can communicate within the format and do not lose to use the classes completely taught in English.

What is the Admissions Committee Looking for in an Esade MBA Applicant?

The Admissions Committee at Esade Business School seeks more than just academic excellence:

  • Leadership: Proven ability to lead various groups and influence the course of events in business.
  • Creative solutions: Ability to present new ideas and present new solutions to old problems and understand.
  • Cultural and professional diversity: Different types of learning that create a rich, dynamic class.
  • Vision and ethics: Your career focus is closely linked to the principles and practices of sustainable development.

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How to Apply for an Esade MBA?

Applying for an MBA at Esade Business School is a structured and strategic process that aims to identify candidates who are a good fit for the program’s rigorous academic and professional demands. 

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What is the Online Application Process for an Esade MBA?

An application to Esade’s MBA program is a comprehensive one, aiming to identify the candidate’s background, motivations, and plans for the future among other things. The main components include:

  • Online Application Form: Start by filling in the form available on the Esade website. It will often include several sections:
    • Personal Information: name, contact information, and some basic demographics.
    • Academic Background: information about your undergrad experience and any post-grad studies.
    • Professional Experience: a chronological record of your work experience with a detailed description of your roles and responsibilities.
    • Essays: The school will most likely ask you to answer several essay questions. This can be your motivations behind pursuing an MBA, your vision for your career, and some hypothetical scenarios to get an understanding of your values and worldview.
    • Additional Documents: Submission of a CV/Resume and a cover letter, and optionally any other documents you see fit to support your application.
  • GMAT/GRE Scores: All candidates must submit valid GMAT/GRE scores. Esade’s official website offers a GMAT simulator to help prepare.
  • English Proficiency Test: All non-native English speakers need to present their TOEFL or IELTS scores.
  • Recommendation Letters: Applicants are asked to provide two or more recommendation letters. These are former employers or college professors who can vouch for the candidate’s professional skills and academic potential.
  • Application Fee: Finally, applicants are required to pay a non-refundable fee after the submission of their application.

What is the Application Deadline for an Esade MBA?

Esade offers multiple rounds of admissions each year. Adhering to these deadlines is crucial:

  • Round 1: Usually, it takes place in October. Early applications are advantaged because they have higher chances of acceptance and are more likely to get a better scholarship.
  • Subsequent Rounds: The rounds are typically spread out over the spring. Dates can be found on the official page.

Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible, as this will maximize their chances of being accepted students and will also allow them to prepare in time for post-graduate life.

What are the Entry Requirements for an Esade MBA?

Eligibility for Esade’s MBA program is based on certain academic and professional prerequisites:

  • Bachelor’s degree: An applicant must hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited university.
  • Work experience: Generally, candidates are expected to have over two years of professional exposure to enable them to fully participate in peer-to-peer discussions and group work.
  • GMAT/GRE scores: Scores must show a high level of quantitative and analytical ability. Esade uses these scores in combination with applicants’ academic history to ascertain readiness for the MBA course.
  • Language proficiency: Command of English, with requisite proof for non-native speakers, is a requisite. Spanish and other languages are an added advantage but not mandatory.
  • Interview: A meeting with the admission committee or its representative is a vital part of the process; it might be via Zoom or in person depending on the situation.
  • Required Documentation: Certified scans of university degrees and transcripts, a digital passport photo, and any professional certifications.

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What is the Experience Like as an Esade MBA Student?

The Esade MBA provides a special experience intended to challenge the conventional ideals of success and help students reimagine business leadership worldwide. This is what to expect as a student:

  • Global community: Be part of a student body from 50 different countries creating a rich environment to learn together and solve problems
  • Intensive learning: Work through carefully designed coursework mixing practice with theory to guide you in navigating modern-day complex business issues.
  • Professional evolution: Engage in various workshops, seminars, and gatherings that develop your leadership acumen and career growth.
  • Advanced learning environment: Access top-of-the-range facilities and learn under well-trained academicians and proven business experts.
  • Barcelona student life: Get to live in the front-running city of Barcelona known for its culture, innovation, and business potential.


Esade alumni network spans over 60,000 professionals, providing vast networking opportunities across various industries globally.

What is the Class Profile for an Esade MBA?

Esade’s MBA students have a broad mix profile, making it easy to learn from and with different people:

  • Diverse industries: Ranging from finance to technology to healthcare and many more, drawing from various industry perspectives.
  • International: 50 nationalities bring their global view and connection across the globe.
  • Gender and culture: Esade seeks balance to throw a varied set of skills and ideas.

What is the Focus of the Esade MBA Program?

The Esade MBA is designed to train future leaders for the challenges of the 21st century. It consists of a combination of the following key elements:

  • Core disciplines: Core business areas, including but not limited to strategy, marketing, and operations, are covered in depth. 
  • Specializations: While the MBA includes mandatory courses in finance, the opportunity to specialize in related fields such as marketing, innovation, or digital business is also provided. 
  • Practical application: Case studies, business project experiences, internships, and international exchanges provide students with many opportunities to apply the theory learned in the classroom to “real-world” business problems.
  • Leadership development: It focuses on personal and team development, both in and out of the workplace, to prepare graduates to lead organizations and work teams.

What Scholarships are Available for an Esade MBA?

Esade offers several scholarship opportunities to ensure talented students from all economic backgrounds can access its MBA program:

  • Merit-based scholarships: Scholarships do not depend on financial need but are given to candidates who have excelled in their studies, shown outstanding work, or demonstrated leadership potential.
  • Diversity scholarship: Scholarships are offered to create a more diverse MBA cohort concerning nationality, culture, professional experiences, etc. 
  • Need-based scholarships: Financial aid is offered to those students who can demonstrate severe financial need.
  • Specialized scholarships: These scholarship categories for candidates with special experience or qualifications.

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Choosing to enroll in an MBA at Esade is more than a professional achievement: it is a life path that offers singular chances to improve professionally and personally. Esade’s demanding courses, varied society, and commitment to providing students with the abilities required to succeed in tomorrow’s work prepare you for what tomorrow brings to business. Whether displayed by your GMAT results, the picky selection process, or the campus’s vigorous life, your recruitment into Esade would be a period of experience that shifts his mind. Every further move leads you nearer to an upcoming redefined prosperity.

What GMAT score is competitive for Esade MBA admissions?

A competitive GMAT score is around 660, but Esade considers the entire profile.

Can the Esade MBA application deadline vary by year?

Yes, application deadlines are updated annually and vary by admission rounds.

How critical is a professional experience for Esade MBA admissions?

Esade requires a minimum of two years of professional experience for its MBA applicants.

What scholarships does Esade offer for MBA students?

Esade provides scholarships based on merit, diversity, and financial need.

Are there alternatives to GMAT for Esade MBA admissions?

Yes, Esade accepts GRE scores as an alternative to the GMAT.

How does Esade support international students in the MBA program?

Esade offers extensive support, including orientation programs and language assistance.

What is unique about Esade’s approach to business education?

Esade emphasizes ethical leadership, innovation, and a global perspective.

Does Esade require English proficiency tests from all applicants?

Non-native speakers must provide TOEFL or IELTS scores, unless they have extensive experience in English environments

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