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24 April 2024

13 minutes read

Esade MIM and MBA Admission Process: A Comprehensive Guide to Success

Key Takeaways

  1. ESADE offers top-tier MIM and MBA programs.
  2. Admission requires GMAT/GRE scores and a bachelor’s degree.
  3. ESADE’s programs focus on global business and ethical leadership.
  4. Professional experience is crucial for MBA applicants.
  5. The application process involves multiple documentation and deadlines.


Start a transformational adventure at ESADE Business School, a top educational institution located in the heart of Barcelona. Renowned for its innovative Master in Management and Master in Business Administration, ESADE provides high-quality academic training, knowledge of real-world business nuances, and a strong emphasis on responsible leadership. From management junior to a high-level management leader, let us introduce you to ESADE’s admission procedure, course-specifics, and GMAT demands to master any global enterprise level.

esade mba

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What is ESADE?

Esade Business School in Barcelona and is the seat of innovation and ethics in higher education. While this learning institution boasts of academic excellence, it prides itself on promoting social responsibility, which essentially transforms learners into impactful leaders. Esade avails various programs targeting different specializations and career paths such as:

  • Undergraduate degrees: These are basic programs that equip learners with foundational knowledge and skills, and prepare them for numerous career opportunities in the business setting.
  • Master’s programs: These are more specialized, with a narrower focus, and take learners through deep knowledge acquisition in a particular area of a specialty.
  • MBA programs: These programs are more advanced, and tailored for seasoned professionals who wish to take their executive careers and leadership potential to the next level.
  • Executive education: This is a short course for experts who want to update their skills or learn a new area of specialty.

The urban configuration of the school environment provides a vibrant and diverse learning atmosphere, enabling learners to immerse themselves in cultural growth and access an expansive network of industry connections.

What are the Different Programs Offered by ESADE?

ESADE offers a wide array of education programs targeting students from around the world at different levels and career advancement. These include:

  • MBA (Master of Business Administration):
    • Full-time MBA:
      • This is intensive for learners who want to fast-track their leadership careers in business,
    • Part-time MBA:
      • The program targets working professionals hence allowing the learner to balance academic and professional life.
  • Master in Management (MIM):
    • A program for early-career persons that offers knowledge in business theory and practice, preparing graduates to solve global business problems.
  • MSc Programs:

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What is the Admission Process for ESADE?

The admission process at ESADE Business School follows a systematic approach that identifies and selects candidates who possess strong academic abilities, leadership potential, and commitment to ethical practices. Through this process, ESADE ensures that it continues to develop a community of trailblazing and responsible leaders in the business world. This process includes: 

  • Initial application – applicants first complete a detailed application that collects their personal information, educational background, and professional experience. 
  • Academic and professional requirements – candidates must have a strong academic background in business-related subjects, and have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or business-related fields. Nonetheless, applicants from any discipline may apply if they demonstrate the potential to excel in business. 
  • GMAT/GRE scores – candidates are required to achieve a competitive GMAT or GRE score; while ESADE does not reveal the minimum threshold, high scores improve candidates’ chances of approval.
  •  English Proficiency – the programs are offered in English, and students whose first language is not English must provide their English proficiency scores or present an English-based degree.
  • Interview – Preferred candidates are invited to an interview, which is conducted face-to-face or online based on the candidate’s location.
  • Final review – the ESADE Admissions Committee reviews the candidate holistically and accepts applicants who can both gain from and contribute to ESADE.

What are the Requirements for Admission to ESADE?

Admission to ESADE is a highly competitive process that considers not only applicants’ academic achievements and test scores but also their unique personalities and professional backgrounds.

  • Bachelor’s Degree – A Bachelor’s Diploma is required from an accredited institution.
  • Test Scores – A GMAT or GRE strong performance is a must, with the school preferring GMAT but also accepting GRE results.
  • Work Experience – Professional experience is not required for candidacy in certain programs but is critical for MBA students.
  • Leadership Potential – ESADE values candidates with strong leadership skills who have a clear idea of their future.
  • Global Mindset – Moreover, since the school is focused on international business, candidates need to develop cross-cultural knowledge and a global mindset.

What Documents are Required for Admission to ESADE?

The following documents are typically required to complete your application:

  • Completed Application Form: This includes all personal information, educational background, and a detailed CV.
  • Academic Transcripts: Official transcripts from all universities attended.
  • GMAT/GRE Scores: Valid test scores that meet the competitive standards of the admissions committee.
  • English Language Proficiency Test Scores: For non-native speakers, unless exempt.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Two or more recommendations from individuals who can comment on the applicant’s professional or academic abilities.
  • Statement of Purpose: An essay outlining the applicant’s career objectives and why they wish to attend ESADE.
  • Updated CV/Resume: Demonstrating clear professional progression and significant achievements.
  • Additional Documents: Depending on the program, other documents such as a digital portfolio or a business project proposal may be required.

What is the Application Timeline for ESADE?

The school employs rolling admissions, meaning that candidates can apply at any time of year. However, applicants should explore specific deadlines to optimize their chances for acceptance and scholarship eligibility:

  • Round 1: Typically in October, for candidates who wish to secure their place early.
  • Round 2: Usually set around January, offering another chance for early admission.
  • Final Rounds: Subsequent rounds might extend until spring or early summer, depending on the program and space availability.
ParameterESADE MBA ProgramESADE MIM Program
Duration12, 15, or 18 months (flexible format)12 months
CurriculumCore courses, electives, international lab, innovation projectsCore courses, specialization tracks, business lab
Class ProfileDiverse international cohort, average 5 years of work experienceMostly recent graduates from any discipline, international background
RequirementsBachelor’s degree, min 3 years of professional experience, GMAT/GREBachelor’s degree, less than 2 years of professional experience, GMAT/GRE
Average GMAT Score660650
ROI (Return on Investment)High post-graduation salary increase, strong career servicesStrong placement in international firms, competitive entry-level salaries
Additional Courses ProvidedLeadership skills, global business environment, elective courses in various specializationsDigital innovation, entrepreneurship, elective courses tailored to global business trends
Learning FormatFull-time with part-time and modular options availableFull-time only
Internships and Exchange ProgramsMandatory internships and optional international exchangeOptional internships and exchange programs are available
English RequiredTOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent proof of English proficiency; exemptions apply for native speakers and graduates from English-speaking universitiesTOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent proof of English proficiency; exemptions apply for native English speakers and graduates from English-speaking universities

What is the ESADE MBA Program?

Esade’s MBA program is known for its flexibility and is designed to meet a wide range of professional needs and aspirations. The program allows one to choose or combine a full-time, part-time, or modular format based on their current suitability and what they want to get out of studying with Esade. The differentiator that makes the program unique:

  • Flexible Study Options: ESADE provides a full-time, part-time, and modular form of studying to offer the possibility to choose the most appropriate schedule based on individual career plans. 
  • Global Orientation: an emphasis on the international perspective is required due to the demands of the modern market.
  • Leadership Development: The program is aimed at elaborating personalized leadership skills to fit the fast-developing business environment. Curriculum and focus of ESADE MBA

What is the Curriculum and Focus of the ESADE MBA Program?

The ESADE MBA program is quickly calculated on the balance of theoretical background and practical on-field performance to prepare students for the challenging business world requirements:

  • Core Business Disciplines: ESADE provides a range of fundamental courses related to financial matters, marketing, operations running, and strategic management.
  • Emphasis on Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Students are taught to think outside of the box while developing tremendously required entrepreneurial skills in a startup or developed company.
  • Practical Learning Experiences:
    • Business Labs: Tackle real-world business challenges and work on practical solutions.
    • Case Studies and Simulations: Engage in complex scenarios that simulate business decision-making processes.
    • International Study Tours: Gain exposure to global business practices and networks.

What are the Valid GMAT Scores for Admission to the ESADE MBA Program?

The average GMAT score of ESADE admits the board to be around 660. However, while a student must take the GMAT, ESADE is also adopting holistic critical to students’ applications. Check what else is important:

  • Beyond the GMAT exam: The holistic approach implies not only concentrating on the GMAT score but also studying the applicants’ overall portfolios.
  • Profile Evaluation: The admissions committee looks at work experience, leadership potential, personal motivations, and the ability to contribute uniquely to the cohort.
  • Alternative Tests: In addition to the GMAT, it also accepts the GRE checking how students evaluate a set of future students based on the highest score.

Expanding the Discussion on MBA Admission Criteria and Process

To broaden the discussion in an MBA application context for ESADE, it is important to consider:

  • Admissions Committee: The committee consists of faculty, alumni, and industry experts who evaluate each application on fit.
  • Application Process Steps:
    • Submit an Application: Complete the online application form, ensuring all required documentation is included.
    • Documentation: This includes GMAT/GRE scores, transcripts, CVs, letters of recommendation, and personal statements.
    • Interviews: Conducted with selected candidates to assess fit and motivation for pursuing an MBA at ESADE.
  • Application Deadlines and Timeline: Admissions occur on a rolling basis with several rounds of deadlines throughout the year. It’s advisable to apply early to maximize chances of acceptance and scholarship opportunities.

Additional Considerations

  • Language Requirements: As courses are taught entirely in English, students from non-English speaking countries must provide relevant test scores as proof of language proficiency unless their education and work experience took place in an English-speaking setting.
  • Class Profile: As per the institution’s official website, ESADE students are diverse and come from different industries and backgrounds enriching the learning experience by providing expansive views.


Global Recognition: ESADE ranks consistently among the top business schools globally.

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What is the Admission Requirement for the ESADE MBA Program?

The ESADE MBA program sets high standards for admission, targeting individuals who demonstrate significant professional experience and a clear career trajectory:

  • Professional Experience: Applicants must have a minimum of three years of relevant professional experience. This experience should reflect managerial or leadership potential and a progression in responsibilities.
  • Career Vision: Candidates need to articulate a clear and compelling vision for their career. This includes how the ESADE MBA will help them achieve their professional goals.

These criteria ensure that the MBA cohort is composed of experienced professionals who can contribute significantly to peer learning and bring practical insights into the classroom.

What is the Admission Process for the ESADE MBA Program?

The ESADE MBA admission process is a holistic approach specifically developed to evaluate each candidate’s comprehensive potential, as shown below:

  • Step 1: Submission of an application: candidates are required to submit an application that is inclusive of all the required documents.
  • Step 2: Profile evaluation: the Admissions Committee will evaluate an application with a significant focus on professional experience and leadership character.
  • Step 3: Interview: shortlisted candidates will have to check in for an assessment at the school. This is very imperative as a candidate gives a one-on-one interaction with the Admissions Committee to evaluate soft skills dynamics.
  • Step 4: Motivation Essays: Applicants must submit essays that discuss their motivation for choosing ESADE, their career aspirations, and how they envision contributing to the MBA community.

This process ensures a thorough screening of candidates, selecting those who are best fit for the rigorous and enriching MBA experience at ESADE.

What are the Application Deadlines for the ESADE MBA Program?

The application deadlines for the ESADE MBA program are structured in rounds to manage the flow of applications throughout the academic year effectively:

  • Round 1: October: Honorary for the whole set of candidates completing their applications early and seeking an early decision from the Admissions Committee.
  • Subsequent Rounds: Typically spaced out until April – These allow other candidates ample time to prepare their applications and still get considered for the upcoming academic session.

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What is the ESADE Master in Management Program?

The ESADE Master in Management (MIM) program is specifically designed for recent graduates and early career professionals aiming to elevate their understanding of business management within a global framework. This program is perfect for individuals who are looking to jumpstart their careers in international business, offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers the essential aspects of modern management:

  • Global Perspective: Prepares students to operate effectively across diverse cultural and business environments.
  • Career Development: Focuses on enhancing employability through skills development and networking opportunities.
  • Innovative Learning Methods: Incorporates a blend of theoretical learning and practical applications.

What is the Curriculum and Focus of the ESADE MIM Program?

The curriculum of the ESADE MIM program is robust and dynamic, aimed at providing students with a deep dive into the intricacies of international business, strategy, and management. The program structure includes:

  • Core Courses: They provide a general business background that includes finance, marketing, operations, strategy, and more.
  • Specializations: Students can select a track in digital business, marketing management, and finance, among others. It provides an individualized path of professional growth.
  • Global Exposure:
    • Internships: Practical work experiences are integrated into the curriculum, enabling students to apply classroom knowledge in real-world business settings.
    • Exchange Programs: In partnership with other top global business schools, these programs enhance the international perspective and understanding of global markets.
  • Capstone Project: This part of the course is essential to work on business problems, frequently in collaboration with multinationals.

What is the Average GMAT test Score for Admission to the ESADE Master in Management Program?

For admission to the ESADE MIM program, the average GMAT score typically centers around 650. However, the admissions process is holistic and considers multiple aspects of a candidate’s profile:

  • GMAT or GRE Scores: Given that a high GMAT score is beneficial, the overall strength of the experiences and attributes characteristics of the candidate are valued.
  • Academic Performance: An excellent academic record is critical, but the rigor of the courses taken and the type of degree are also essential.
  • Additional Factors:
    • Leadership Potential: Demonstrated through extracurricular activities or work experience.
    • Motivation and Fit: Assessed through personal statements and interviews, indicating the candidate’s goals align with the program’s offerings.
    • International Exposure: Prior international experience or language skills that can contribute to the diverse learning environment.

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Expanding on the Application Process and Requirements

Candidates interested in the ESADE MIM should consider the following additional points regarding the admission process:

  • Application Process:
    • Submit Your Application: This includes filling out detailed forms and providing the necessary documentation.
    • Documentation Required: Complete academic transcripts, GMAT/GRE scores, a CV, letters of recommendation, and essays.
    • Interviews: Conducted to evaluate communication skills, professional aspirations, and overall suitability for the program.
  • Application Deadlines and Timeline:
    • ESADE offers several rounds of application deadlines. Early application is encouraged for better chances at both admission and scholarship opportunities.
  • Admissions Office Contact: Specific admit advice is accessible; therefore, candidates are encouraged to follow up on necessary steps

Admission Requirements for ESADE’s MIM Program

Requirement TypeAlignment with the program’s values and goalsImportanceDocumentation NeededCompliance Check
Professional ExperienceLess than 2 yearsHighCV/ResumeHR Verification
Educational BackgroundBachelor’s DegreeMandatoryTranscriptsEducation Verification
Academic RecordStrong performanceHighTranscripts, GPAReview by Admissions
Professional AspirationsClear career goalsHighPersonal StatementEvaluated in Interview
GMAT/GRE ScoresCompetitive scores requiredMandatoryTest Score ReportDirect from Testing Agency
English ProficiencyFor non-native speakersMandatoryTOEFL/IELTS ScoreDirect from Testing Agency
Personal InterviewAssess suitabilityCriticalInterview AssessmentConducted by ESADE Staff
Letters of RecommendationInsights into character and abilitiesHighLettersProvided by Referees
Resume/CVDetailed professional and academic historyMandatoryDocument SubmissionReviewed by Admissions
Motivation and FitAlignment with program’s values and goalsHighEssays and InterviewEvaluated by Committee

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What is the Admission Requirement for the ESADE Master in Management Program?

The ESADE Master in Management(MIM) program is geared towards recent graduates or early-career professionals. Eligibility is primarily centered on the following aspects:

  • Professional Experience: Applicants must have fewer than two years of professional work experience. This criterion is necessary to ensure that the program remains premised on core business management education that is well suited to young career professionals.
  • Pre-baccalaureate Training: A four-year accredited university degree is mandatory. The studied course does not matter; however, a good academic record is a prerequisite to ascertain the applicant’s ability to cope with the arduous academic standard. 
  • Professional Aspirations: Applicants have to demonstrate clear, defined, and achievable career goals. They have to detail how the MIM program will enable them to realize their dreams.

This criterion is fundamental to ensure that the only people who undertake this program are those who are well academically versed and aspire to have a career in international management.


Innovative Curriculum: ESADE was one of the first schools to integrate CEMS MIM and offer a multi-campus experience.

What is the Admission Process for the ESADE Master in Management Program?

Process StepDescriptionDurationResponsible PartyOutcome
Application SubmissionComplete the online application formN/AApplicantApplication Logged
Document CollectionGather all necessary documentsVariesApplicantDocuments Ready for Review
Application ReviewInitial screening by the admissions committee1-2 weeksAdmissions CommitteeMove to Interview Round
InterviewOnline or in-person interview1 hourESADE StaffAssessment of Candidate
Test Scores SubmissionGMAT/GRE and English test scoresN/ATesting AgenciesScores Sent to ESADE
Letters of RecommendationCollect and submit referencesVariesRefereesRecommendations Received
Final EvaluationA holistic review of all components2-3 weeksAdmissions CommitteeAdmission Decision
Notification of DecisionInform the applicant of the admission status1 weekAdmissions OfficeApplicant Notified
Acceptance by CandidateApplicant accepts offer2 weeksApplicantEnrollment Secured
Enrollment ProcessCompletion of all enrollment formalitiesVariesApplicant & ESADE AdminReady for Program Start

The admission process for the ESADE MIM program is competitive and designed to select candidates who show the most promise for personal and professional growth. The process includes:

  • Submission of Application: Fill out an application form providing details about one’s educational background, work experience, and professional goals.
  • Academic and Professional Documentation: Academic and Professional Documentation: Candidates must provide academic transcripts, GMAT/GRE scores, and a current résumé or CV.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Applicants must have recommendation letters from academic or professional referees who can attest to their capabilities and character.
  • Interview: An interview, either personal or via Skype, is conducted to ascertain the applicant’s suitability for the program. This step is crucial to determining whether the applicant is fitting by gauging the person’s communication skills, motivation, and career goals.

This structured approach ensures that each applicant’s background is matter-of-factly assessed and ascertains ESADE’s high standards. Thus, only the people with the potential to succeed in the course and contribute to its success end up getting admission.

What are the Application Deadlines for the ESADE Master in Management Program?

The ESADE MIM program follows a similar application timeline to the MBA program, structured in multiple rounds to accommodate applicants’ varying preparation times:

  • Early Rounds: Typically begin in the early fall. These rounds are ideal for candidates who have completed their application early and are seeking early admission decisions.
  • Regular Rounds: Continue through to the spring. These allow candidates more time to prepare their applications and still be considered for the upcoming academic year.

Applying early can provide advantages such as increased chances of admission and greater scholarship opportunities.

What are the Documents Required for Admission to the ESADE Master in Management Program?

To apply for the ESADE MIM program, candidates must prepare a comprehensive set of documents that include:

  • Academic Transcripts: From all undergraduate institutions attended, showing courses taken and grades received.
  • Valid GMAT/GRE Scores: Official scores that meet the program’s benchmarks. ESADE considers these scores as an indicator of the applicant’s ability to handle the academic rigor of the program.
  • Resume/CV: Detailing the applicant’s education, work experience, skills, and achievements.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Typically two or three, focusing on the applicant’s academic and professional potential.
  • Proof of English Proficiency: For non-native speakers, unless the applicant has significant prior education or work experience in an English-speaking environment.


Choosing ESADE for your MBA or MIM signifies a commitment to not only advancing your career but also developing as a global leader equipped to navigate the complexities of the business world. With its comprehensive curriculum, diverse class profile, and emphasis on innovation and ethical leadership, ESADE stands out as a beacon for aspiring business professionals. Dive into the application process with clarity and confidence, knowing that ESADE could be the key to unlocking your potential.

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What is the average GMAT score required for ESADE’s MBA program?

The average GMAT score for ESADE’s MBA is typically around 660.

Can GRE scores be substituted for GMAT in the admission process at ESADE?

Yes, ESADE accepts both GMAT and GRE scores for admissions.

What are the primary admission requirements for ESADE’s MIM program?

A bachelor’s degree and less than two years of professional experience.

What documents are essential when applying to ESADE?

Transcripts, test scores, recommendations, and a statement of purpose.

How does ESADE’s MBA program integrate global business perspectives?

Through international exchanges, global internships, and diverse cohorts.

What is the application deadline for ESADE’s MIM program?

ESADE has multiple rounds of deadlines, typically starting in October.

Does ESADE require professional experience for MBA admission?

Yes, at least three years of professional experience is recommended.

How does the admission process at ESADE ensure a diverse class profile?

Through holistic review focusing on academic, professional, and personal dimensions.

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