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27 May 2024

9 minutes read

GMAT Accepting Colleges in Australia: GMAT Score for Top MBA Colleges

Key Takeaways

  • Achieving a GMAT score of 600 or above is crucial for admission to top MBA programs in Australia, such as those at Melbourne Business School and AGSM.
  • Australian business schools evaluate applicants based on GMAT scores, work experience, and academic records.
  • MBA programs in Australia range from 12 to 24 months, offering both full-time and part-time options to accommodate different professional schedules​​.
  • Australian MBA programs offer various specializations, allowing students to tailor their education to specific career goals.
  • Top Australian business schools provide extensive career services, including job placements.

Australia has excellent business schools, providing world class MBA that is considered by students as one of the best ones around the world. If your dream is to study in Australia, then you have already taken the first step in the right direction. Given that these are highly competitive programs, the enrollment is subject to threshold requirements and a high GMAT score is another viable requirement.

Depending on what kind of collage or business school you want to attend whether it is one of the top Australian universities or it’s one of several specialized business schools minimum GMAT scores that can help you achieve your dream.

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What is GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admission Test or the GMAT a standardized test used by the graduate management and business schools to selects students on the basis of their performance in writing analytical, mathematical, verbal as well as reading skills test in the written English language.

It can also herein be noted that many of the business schools across Australia consider GMAT scores as important prerequisites for admission, to guarantee that student have the right academic potential to pull through the intensified MBA programs. Students must have a clear understanding of various sections of the GMAT exam and it’s general structure. They must also have answers to questions like whether GMAT have negative marking or not. All these details can make or break the score, which at the end of the day determines the college they get into.

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What is the Importance of GMAT for Australian Universities?

image 2 29

MBA admissions also depend considerably on the GMAT exam since most of the business schools use the results of GMAT as one of the criteria for choosing candidates. This can be a good GMAT score and, turning you into a more attractive candidate; such score proves that you are capable of handling the academic load that is a part of an MBA program.

Many schools specify a certain score to be scored minimum, and getting an approximate GMAT score that students who get into those particular schools is useful in predicting what you should aim at.

Admission Criteria

Many Australian business schools accept GMAT scores as a crucial part of their evaluation process. A good GMAT score can make your application stand out, showcasing your preparedness for the rigorous coursework of an MBA program in Australia. Meeting the score requirement set by these schools is often essential for consideration.

Academic Readiness

The GMAT exam provides measures of cognitive abilities that are most relevant to the business management field, and include the following: Analytical writing skills; Mathematical reasoning skills; Verbal skills. The results are excellent in proving that the student has acquired satisfactory academic background to enroll and excel in a competitive MBA program in the Australian Universities. Top-ranked MBA programs also include average GMAT scores obtained by the admitted students while pre-selecting its aspirants. If you plan to beat the GMAT, then you have to start your journey as soon as possible.

Competitive Edge

Securing a good score in the GMAT can be a good plus to other factors in an application process to business schools in Australia. It brings out the best in you and can even act as an advantage in cases where you might have scored a bit low in other sections of your application. This advantage is so huge when it comes to seeking admission in some of the most revered MBA programs in Australia. Cracking the GMAT exam is not an easy feat, but it is not impossible either. All you need is the right strategy and preparation tactic.

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Top MBA Colleges Accepting GMAT in Australia

Below-given is a list of the top MBA colleges in Australia which are considered to be excellent universities in the world. Along with a good GMAT score, there are other things that determine your chance of getting into your dream university, like crafting the right SOP for GMAT and other such aspects. But for now, let us take a look at the requirements necessary for MBA like the GMAT cut off range and other details:

Melbourne Business School (University of Melbourne)

Melbourne Business School, which comes under the University of Melbourne, is well known as one of the most prestigious Universities offering MBA degree, which is among the list of the best Universities in Australia and worldwide. Its high academic requirements as well as the qualities of its teachers enable it to recruit a lot of students from all over the world. An individual requires an average GMAT score of about 600 and sometimes above to gain admission into some of these schools. This is a strategic leadership program with focus on strategic vision, analysis and global business environment, with abundant alumni contacts and corporate affiliations.

AGSM (Australian Graduate School of Management) at UNSW Business School

AGSM at UNSW Business School is another top-tier institution known for its rigorous MBA program and strong emphasis on innovation and leadership. Applicants generally need a minimum GMAT score of 600, though the average for admitted students is typically around 650. The AGSM MBA program is designed to equip students with the skills needed to excel in a rapidly changing business environment. It includes experiential learning opportunities, international exchange programs, and strong links with industry leaders, providing a comprehensive educational experience that prepares graduates for top management roles.

Monash Business School (Monash University)

Monash Business School, under the Monash University, offers a highly regarded MBA program that emphasizes practical learning and global business acumen. The school requires a minimum GMAT score of 550, with the average score for admitted students often higher. Monash’s MBA program features a flexible structure, allowing students to tailor their studies to their career goals. The curriculum includes extensive industry engagement opportunities, such as internships and consulting projects, ensuring that students gain real-world experience and valuable industry insights throughout their studies.

Macquarie Graduate School of Management (Macquarie University)

MGSM (which comes under Macquarie University) is well-known for its strong MBA program, which focuses on developing strategic management and leadership skills. A minimum GMAT score of 600 is typically required, with the average score of admitted students often exceeding this benchmark. The MBA program at MGSM includes a blend of theoretical and practical learning, with a strong emphasis on real-world business challenges. Students benefit from global study tours and robust career support services, which help them build a solid foundation for successful careers in various industries.

UQ Business School (University of Queensland)

UQ Business School (University of Queensland) offers a highly respected MBA program known for its innovative approach and strong focus on sustainability and social responsibility. The school requires a minimum GMAT score of 550, with the average score for admitted students typically around 600. The MBA program at UQ Business School includes a diverse range of electives, allowing students to specialize in areas such as entrepreneurship, international business, and social impact. Emphasizing experiential learning, the program provides opportunities for industry projects and global immersions, preparing graduates to tackle complex business challenges with a well-rounded and socially responsible perspective.

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What is the GMAT score required for MBA in Australia?

image 2

To study MBA in Australia, understanding GMAT score requirements is crucial. But what is a good GMAT score? Top business universities in Australia, like Melbourne Business School and the Australian Graduate School of Management, typically accept GMAT scores, with minimum requirements starting at 550. Competitive programs may demand scores around 600 or higher.

In addition to GMAT scores, substantial work experience is essential for admission. You must also keep in mind the CGPA required for masters in Australia. Thorough GMAT preparation is necessary to meet or exceed the average scores required by top universities. Achieving a competitive GMAT score and having relevant work experience are key for MBA admissions at top Australian business schools. Universities accept GMAT scores as GMAT score is required for a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate. If you plan to get into these universities, a complete GMAT strategy guide might come in handy as the key to cracking GMAT is nothing less than right preparation.

University/Business SchoolMinimum GMAT Score Required
Melbourne Business School600 or higher
Australian Graduate School of Management600 or higher
Monash Business School550
University of Queensland550
University of South AustraliaVaries

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Frequency of Taking GMAT in Australia

The GMAT score required to get into MBA in Australia’s top b-schools and the criterion for evaluation of candidates vary from one college to the other. There is a GMAT minimum score that every top college has, to consider your application. And there is a GMAT max score present as well. Many GMAT-accepting colleges in Australia have specific requirements for the GMAT score for MBA programs. Prospective MBA aspirants can take the GMAT exam up to five times within a 12-month period, with a minimum gap of 16 days between attempts. GMAT scores for Australian universities are valid for five years, allowing international students in Australia to plan their applications effectively.

Top universities in Australia, such as Melbourne Business School, require competitive GMAT scores. While some MBA universities in Australia offer MBA in Australia without GMAT, most top business schools in Australia require a GMAT score for admission. Understanding the average GMAT cut is crucial for applicants, as the average GMAT score for MBA programs can vary. So when you prepare for the gmat, make sure to know the minimum score accepted by universities. This can help your gmat prep highly. No matter how early or how later you start your prep journey, make sure to do it the right way.  There is a best way to prepare for GMAT in 2 months, there is a 45 day GMAT study plan available, and there is a GMAT 6 month study plan available as well. All you have to do is select your game plan and go ahead with it.

The frequency of taking the GMAT in Australia allows applicants to achieve the necessary scores for admission to GMAT-accepting colleges in Australia. Applying for an MBA at top universities in Australia requires careful planning and preparation to meet the GMAT score requirements.

Top Management Jobs and Salary in Australia

MBA graduates from Australian universities can secure top management jobs with competitive salaries. To gain admission to these recognized MBA programs, a GMAT score of at least 600 is often required, with some colleges in Australia having a GMAT cut-off range. The cost of an MBA varies, but universities in Australia accept and consider GMAT scores as a key requirement for admission.

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Top MBA universities in Australia, such as Melbourne Business School, offer excellent ROI through high-paying jobs. Applicants must appear for the GMAT exam, as a good GMAT score is one of the essential requirements for the MBA. Universities in Australia offer 77 different MBA specializations, ensuring diverse career opportunities.

Job TitleAverage Salary (AUD)
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)$200,000 – $350,000
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)$220,000 – $300,000
Chief Operating Officer (COO)$210,000 – $290,000
General Manager$160,000 – $250,000
Director of Operations$180,000 – $260,000
Marketing Director$150,000 – $220,000
Human Resources Director$140,000 – $200,000

MBA in Australia for International Students

Pursuing an MBA in Australia is an excellent choice for international students. Top colleges in Australia, such as Melbourne Business School, Australian Graduate School of Management, and Monash University, offer renowned MBA courses. Many Australian universities for an MBA accept GMAT scores, and some also accept GRE scores. The GMAT cut-off range required to get into Australian business universities varies, but a strong score is generally necessary for admission. When it comes to cracking the exam, understanding the essential strategies for effective GMAT preparations is important.

To study an MBA in Australia, it’s important to understand the specific requirements of the universities and colleges. Admission to the top universities and colleges in Australia offering MBA courses typically requires a GMAT score. The best MBA colleges in Australia are known for their high standards and competitive admission processes. Universities and colleges in Australia that offer MBA programs provide international students with world-class education and global career opportunities. An MBA from Australian universities not only enhances your academic credentials but also provides significant career advancement potential.


To those who want to study MBA in Australia, international students will be provided quality education with numerous career prospects. The role of GMAT scores in admission plays a significant part as top MBA programs in Australia such as Melbourne Business School, Australian Graduate School of Management, and Monash Business School set a high bar for candidates. This makes it crucial to enroll in comprehensive GMAT prep courses which helps students gain a 360-degree understanding of the exam. With regard to GMAT score, having a high degree of work experience is a big plus because you stand out in the crowd.

The suggestions above and other initial guidelines, together with taking the GMAT and meeting the course and university admission requirements of your target institutions, can be helpful on your way toward achieving your dream of getting an MBA in Australia.

Conquer the GMAT with Ambitio’s tailored preparation program. Our targeted resources, including comprehensive content reviews and realistic practice exams, are designed to meet your unique needs, helping you to become a top scorer and standout applicant.


What is the average duration of an MBA program in Australia?

MBA programs in Australia typically last between 12 to 24 months, depending on whether the student opts for a full-time or part-time schedule. Some programs may offer accelerated options that can be completed in a shorter timeframe.

Do Australian business schools offer any waivers for the GMAT requirement?

Yes, some Australian business schools may offer GMAT waivers for applicants with significant professional experience, advanced degrees, or exceptional academic records. It’s important to check with each school for their specific waiver policies.

What types of specializations are available in Australian MBA programs?

Australian MBA programs offer a wide range of specializations, including Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, International Business, and Technology Management, among others. This allows students to tailor their education to their career goals.

How important is work experience for admission to MBA programs in Australia?

Work experience is highly valued by Australian business schools. Most top MBA programs require applicants to have at least 2 to 5 years of professional experience. This experience is crucial for contributing to class discussions and for practical learning applications.

Are there any English language requirements for international students applying to MBA programs in Australia?

Yes, international students whose first language is not English are typically required to submit English proficiency test scores, such as IELTS or TOEFL, as part of their application. Each school has specific score requirements that applicants must meet.

What career services are available to MBA students at Australian business schools?

Australian business schools offer extensive career services, including job placement assistance, career counseling, networking events, internships, and access to alumni networks. These services help students secure employment and advance their careers post-graduation.

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