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21 August 2023

4 minutes read

ACCA Courses at Certified Universities in the UK: Your Guide to Excellence

The UK, often seen as the educational hub of the world, is home to several world-class institutions. One area where the UK truly shines is in its offering of professional qualifications, and ACCA sits right at the helm. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a globally renowned professional accounting qualification, sought after by employers and respected by peers.

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Why Choose ACCA and its Importance

The Rise of ACCA in the UK

Over the past few decades, the ACCA course in the UK has transformed from just another accounting certification to a globally respected qualification. It’s no exaggeration to say that the ACCA qualification from a UK university can change the trajectory of one’s career.

Benefits of an ACCA Course

Apart from the prestige, an ACCA qualification grants a holistic understanding of the financial and management aspects of the business. With ACCA:

  • You’re armed with skills in audit, taxation, and global financial reporting.
  • You gain an understanding of the intricacies of accountancy practices both within the UK and on a global scale.
  • The qualification boosts your employability, not just in the UK but internationally.

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ACCA vs. Traditional Accounting Degrees

The ACCA qualification is distinct from traditional accounting degrees. While both are valuable, ACCA is more practice-oriented, focusing on professional development, ethical behavior, and practical skills.

Serial NumberAspectACCATraditional Accounting Degree
1CredentialProfessional qualificationAcademic degree
2FocusPractical skills and real-world applicationTheory and foundational knowledge
3DurationVariable (2-4 years)Typically 3-4 years
4FlexibilityStudy at your own paceStructured academic schedule
5Global RecognitionWidely recognized globallyRegionally recognized, may vary
6CurriculumTailored to accounting and financeBroader business and general education
7ExamsSeries of professional examsMix of exams, projects, and coursework
8Practical ExperienceRequires practical experiencePractical opportunities vary by program
9Entry RequirementsHigh school diploma or equivalentHigh school diploma for bachelor’s degree
10Career FocusAccountancy, auditing, taxationVarious roles in accounting and finance
11Time to EmploymentQuicker path to job marketMay require additional job search time
12CostAffordable exam feesTuition costs and expenses

In contrast, traditional degrees delve deep into academic theory. ACCA also offers more flexibility, allowing students to work while they study, and its global recognition gives it an edge in the international job market.

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Leading Universities Offering ACCA in the UK

The UK is a treasure trove of top-notch universities offering accredited ACCA courses. Here are some of the standout institutions:

Serial NumberUniversityACCA Program OfferedLocationWebsite
1London School of Economics (LSE)BSc Accounting and Finance with ACCALondonwww.lse.ac.uk
2University of ManchesterBSc Accounting (Hons) with Integrated ACCAManchesterwww.manchester.ac.uk
3University of WarwickBSc Accounting and Finance with ACCACoventrywww.warwick.ac.uk
4University of GlasgowBAcc Accountancy with ACCAGlasgowwww.gla.ac.uk
5University of BirminghamBSc Accounting and Finance with ACCABirminghamwww.birmingham.ac.uk
6Lancaster UniversityBSc Accounting and Finance with ACCALancasterwww.lancaster.ac.uk
7Newcastle UniversityBSc Accounting and Finance with Integrated ACCANewcastlewww.ncl.ac.uk
8University of ExeterBSc Accounting and Finance with ACCAExeterwww.exeter.ac.uk

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A Glimpse into the ACCA Course Components

Professional Accounting and Taxation

Dive deep into the world of accountancy and stay updated with the latest practices. From bookkeeping to advanced taxation principles, this component ensures you’re industry-ready.

International Accounting and Financial Reporting

In today’s globalized world, businesses aren’t restricted by borders. Learn about international accounting standards and how they impact global business operations.

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Life After ACCA: Opportunities and Prospects

Employability of ACCA Graduates

With an ACCA qualification, job opportunities are vast. From multinational corporations to top accounting firms, ACCA graduates are always in demand.

Pursuing Further Studies after ACCA

Many ACCA graduates choose to further their education, opting for a master’s or other advanced qualifications to enhance their career prospects.

Setting Up Private Practice

Armed with the ACCA qualification, many embark on entrepreneurial journeys, setting up their private accounting practices.

Challenges and Rewards of Studying ACCA in the UK

Like any rigorous academic pursuit, ACCA comes with its set of challenges. From intensive study hours to complex examinations, the road isn’t easy. However, the rewards – in terms of knowledge, recognition, and career prospects – are immense.

Why the UK is the Preferred Destination for ACCA

  • World-class Teaching Facilities
    • UK universities offer cutting-edge facilities for students.
    • Digital libraries, virtual labs enhance holistic learning.
  • Diverse Cultural Exposure
    • Studying ACCA in the UK means connecting with students worldwide.
    • Cultural diversity enriches academic experience and global career readiness.
  • Strategic Partnerships with Companies
    • UK universities collaborate with leading accounting firms and businesses.
    • Guest lectures, internships, placements opportunities for students.

The Practical Side of ACCA

Internships and Work Placements

Many universities in the UK emphasize real-world experience. They tie up with local businesses, accounting firms, and multinational corporations to offer students valuable internships and work placements. This practical exposure is invaluable, especially in a field like accounting.

Networking Events and Workshops

Beyond the classroom, students are often exposed to industry stalwarts through networking events, seminars, and workshops. This not only aids in learning but also helps in building contacts that can be beneficial post-study.

Financial Aspects of Pursuing ACCA in the UK

Tuition Fees and Living Costs

Studying in the UK is an investment. While ACCA itself might not be as costly as traditional degrees, one must account for tuition fees, living expenses, and other associated costs. However, the return on this investment, in terms of education quality and career opportunities, is substantial.

Scholarships and Financial Aids

Many universities offer scholarships based on academic merit, extracurricular achievements, or financial need. Some also have tie-ups with financial institutions to provide education loans at subsidized rates.

Post-study Work Opportunities in the UK

After completing ACCA, the UK presents numerous job opportunities. The country’s post-study work visa policies have also become more favorable, allowing international students to stay back and work.

ACCA and the UK’s Job Market

From financial analysts to tax consultants, the demand for ACCA-qualified professionals in the UK’s job market is robust. With a certification from a reputed UK university, one can expect lucrative job offers from top firms.

Opportunities Abroad

Since ACCA is a globally recognized qualification, those who wish to explore opportunities outside the UK will find doors open in numerous countries.


The journey to becoming ACCA certified, especially in a country like the UK, is nothing short of transformative. The knowledge gained, the networks built, and the doors that open post-certification make the hard work worth it. If you’re aiming for a career that’s dynamic, respected and offers endless growth, ACCA from a UK university is your answer.


Is work experience necessary for ACCA?

While the ACCA course itself doesn’t mandate work experience, to become an ACCA member, you need to complete 3 years of relevant work experience.

How does ACCA differ from CA?

While both are accounting qualifications, ACCA is internationally recognized, whereas CA (Chartered Accountancy) is more country-specific.

Are there scholarships available for ACCA in the UK?

Yes, many universities in the UK offer scholarships, bursaries, or fee reductions for deserving students.

How is the ACCA exam structured?

The ACCA exam is divided into three levels: Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills, and Strategic Professional. Each level has its set of papers.

Can I work while studying for ACCA in the UK?

Yes, the flexibility of the ACCA course allows students to work part-time while they study.

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