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12 December 2023

6 minutes read

De Montfort University UK: A Comprehensive Guide to Rankings, Courses, and Scholarships

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De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester, UK, is a dynamic and progressive university known for its high-quality education, innovative research, and vibrant student life.

This blog delves into the various aspects of DMU, including its rankings, course offerings, scholarship opportunities, and the overall student experience.

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De Montfort University: A Premier Educational Institution in Leicester

De Montfort University’s Standing in the Academic World

University Rankings and Global Recognition

De Montfort University has consistently maintained a commendable position in university rankings both nationally and internationally. Its focus on quality education, innovative research, and industry connections contribute to its high standing.

According to the Complete University Guide and other ranking bodies, DMU is recognized for its excellent teaching methods, cutting-edge research, and graduate employability rates.

These rankings are a testament to the university’s commitment to academic excellence and its continuous effort to improve and innovate in various fields.

The Impact of Research Excellence on DMU’s Rankings

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) plays a significant role in assessing the quality of research conducted by UK universities. DMU has shown remarkable performance in the REF, with many of its research projects rated as world-leading or internationally excellent.

This strong research profile not only enhances the university’s reputation but also attracts high-caliber academics and researchers, further elevating its academic standing.

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Comprehensive Course Offerings at De Montfort University

A Wide Array of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses

DMU offers an extensive range of courses across various disciplines, catering to a diverse student body. From undergraduate degrees to postgraduate programs, DMU’s course offerings are designed to meet the evolving needs of the job market and society.

Popular faculties include the Faculty of Business and Law, the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, and the Faculty of Art, Design, and Humanities.

Each faculty boasts a unique blend of theoretical and practical learning, ensuring students are well-prepared for their future careers.

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Specialized Courses and Cutting-Edge Facilities

Faculty/DepartmentSpecialized CoursesCutting-Edge FacilitiesDescription
Faculty of Business and Law– Business Studies – International Marketing – Law– Hugh Aston Building – Moot Courtroom – Bloomberg Trading SuiteThis faculty offers a blend of theoretical and practical learning with state-of-the-art facilities like the Bloomberg Trading Suite for hands-on experience in financial trading.
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences– Nursing – Pharmaceutical Science – Biomedical Science– Modern Laboratories – Clinical Skills Suite – Health and Life Sciences BuildingEquipped with advanced laboratories and a Clinical Skills Suite, this faculty provides students with practical experiences in healthcare and scientific research.
Faculty of Art, Design, and Humanities– Fashion Design – Fine Art – Graphic Design– Dedicated Art Studios – The Gallery – Leicester Castle Business SchoolOffering creative courses, this faculty has dedicated art studios for students to explore and express their creativity, and The Gallery to showcase their work.
Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Media– Computer Science – Mechanical Engineering – Media Production– Creative Technology Studios – Engineering Workshops – Music and Audio Recording StudiosThis faculty is known for its blend of technology and creativity, with facilities like state-of-the-art recording studios and engineering workshops.
Leicester Castle Business SchoolBusiness Management – Global MBA – Data Analytics– Executive Education Suite – Real-time Trading Room – Dedicated Law LibraryOffering executive and postgraduate business education, this school has facilities like a Real-time Trading Room for a practical learning environment.
Leicester De Montfort Law SchoolLLB Law – Human Rights Law – Legal Practice Course– Moot Courtroom – Legal Advice Centre – Law LibraryKnown for its practical approach to legal education, the Law School features a Moot Courtroom for mock trials and a Legal Advice Centre for real-world experience.
Institute of Creative Technologies– Virtual Reality – Digital Arts – Game Development– Immersive VR Lab – Digital Media Workshops – Game Development StudiosThis institute is at the forefront of digital innovation, offering facilities like an Immersive VR Lab for students to develop cutting-edge digital projects.

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Scholarship Opportunities at De Montfort University

Making Education Accessible through Scholarships

Understanding the financial challenges that students often face, DMU offers a range of scholarships to support both domestic and international students.

These scholarships are available for various levels of study and are designed to ease the financial burden, making higher education more accessible. Scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence, financial need, or specific criteria such as nationality or field of study.

Specialized Scholarships for International Students

De Montfort University offers a variety of scholarships specifically tailored to meet the needs of international students. These scholarships are designed to make higher education more accessible and affordable for students coming from various countries.

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Here are the key points highlighting the specialized scholarships available for international students at DMU:

  1. DMU International Scholarships:
    • Aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate international students.
    • Offer partial tuition fee waivers, reducing the financial burden on students.
    • Selection is based on academic merit and personal statements.
  2. DMU Global High Achievers Scholarship:
    • Targets students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements.
    • Available for students from specific regions, including Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.
    • Offers a significant reduction in tuition fees.
  3. Postgraduate Taught Scholarships:
    • Designed for international students enrolling in postgraduate taught courses.
    • Includes a percentage reduction in tuition fees.
    • Criteria include academic excellence and the potential to contribute to the university community.
  4. Faculty-Specific Scholarships:
    • Scholarships are exclusive to certain faculties, such as the Faculty of Business and Law, and the Faculty of Art, Design, and Humanities.
    • Criteria may include academic achievements in specific subject areas.
  5. Country-Specific Scholarships:
    • Scholarships are available for students from certain countries or regions.
    • Aimed at fostering diversity and promoting cultural exchange.
    • Often partnered with local governments or organizations in the respective countries.
  6. DMU Sports Scholarships:
    • For international students who excel in sports.
    • Provides financial support as well as access to training facilities and coaching.
    • Encourages athletes to pursue both their academic and sporting ambitions.
  7. Early Payment Discounts:
    • Offers a discount on tuition fees for international students who pay their tuition fees in full before a specified date.
    • Encourages timely payment and eases the financial planning for students.
  8. Alumni Scholarships:
    • Available for international students who have previously graduated from DMU and wish to pursue further studies.
    • Offers a discount on tuition fees for postgraduate courses.
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Each of these scholarships has specific eligibility criteria and application procedures. International students are encouraged to research and apply for these opportunities well in advance of their intended start date to maximize their chances of receiving financial support.

DMU’s commitment to international students is evident through these scholarship offerings, making it an attractive destination for students seeking quality education in the UK.

For other university scholarships, check out this article: https://ambitio.club/blog/cambridge-university-uk-scholarships

Accommodation and Student Life at DMU

Diverse Accommodation Options for a Comfortable Stay

Accommodation is a crucial aspect of university life, and DMU excels in providing a variety of options for its students. From on-campus halls of residence to private accommodations in the city center, students can choose based on their preferences and budget.

These accommodations are designed to offer a safe, comfortable, and conducive environment for studying and socializing.

Vibrant Student Life and Extracurricular Activities

Life at DMU goes beyond academics. The university boasts a lively campus life with numerous clubs, societies, and sports teams. These extracurricular activities provide students with opportunities to develop new skills, pursue interests, and build a sense of community.

The university’s location in Leicester, a culturally rich and diverse city, adds to the overall student experience.

DMU’s Global Outreach and International Opportunities

Embracing Internationalism through DMU Global

DMU Global is an innovative program that offers students international experiences through study trips, internships, and collaborations. This initiative not only broadens students’ horizons but also enhances their employability by exposing them to different cultures and global perspectives.

Collaborations and Partnerships Worldwide

DMU’s international focus is further strengthened by its global partnerships and collaborations with universities and organizations around the world.

These partnerships facilitate student exchanges, joint research projects, and shared learning experiences, making DMU a truly global university.

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The Future of De Montfort University: Progress and Prospects

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Looking towards the future, DMU aims to continue its trajectory of growth and improvement. The university’s strategic plans include expanding its course offerings, enhancing research capabilities, and furthering its commitment to student success and satisfaction.

With a forward-thinking approach, DMU is poised to face the challenges of the future and maintain its position as a leading university.

Investment in Infrastructure and Technology

A significant part of DMU’s future plans involves investment in infrastructure and technology. The recent £136 million campus transformation is just the beginning.

Plans for new buildings, upgraded facilities, and enhanced technological resources are in place to ensure that DMU remains at the forefront of higher education.


De Montfort University in Leicester, UK, stands as a beacon of academic excellence, offering a comprehensive educational experience marked by quality teaching, diverse course options, valuable scholarship opportunities, and a vibrant campus life.

With its global outlook and commitment to continuous improvement, DMU is undoubtedly a top choice for students seeking a fulfilling university education.

FAQs about De Montfort University

Q1: What types of courses does DMU offer?

DMU offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various disciplines, including business, law, health and life sciences, art and design, and humanities.

Q2: Are there scholarships available at DMU?

Yes, DMU provides various scholarships for both UK and international students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Q3: What are the accommodation options at DMU?

DMU offers a variety of accommodation options, including on-campus halls of residence and off-campus housing in the city center.

Q4: How does DMU rank among UK universities?

DMU holds a strong position in various university rankings, reflecting its commitment to quality education and research.

Q5: What opportunities does DMU provide for international students?

DMU offers a comprehensive range of services for international students, including dedicated support, scholarship options, and diverse cultural experiences through DMU Global.

Q6: Is DMU well-connected to other parts of the UK?

Yes, DMU’s Leicester location offers excellent connectivity, being just an hour away from London and well-connected to other major cities in the UK.

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