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13 December 2023

5 minutes read

Essential Documents Required for GRE Exam: A Complete Guide

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Preparing for the GRE exam extends beyond studying; it involves understanding and assembling the essential documents required for the GRE exam.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the specifics of what you need to bring on test day, including IDs and additional paperwork, to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

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Navigating the GRE Exam and Its Prerequisites

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a critical step for many aspiring graduate students. To embark on this journey, it’s essential to comply with the administrative and identification requirements of the test.

Key Identification Documents for GRE Test Day

Passport: Your Primary ID Document

A valid passport is the most universally accepted form of identification for the GRE. It’s crucial to ensure that your passport is not expired and contains your current, recognizable photograph.

The name on the passport should exactly match the name used during GRE registration. If you are an international student, your passport also serves as proof of your eligibility to take the test in a foreign country.

National ID Cards and Driving Licenses

In some countries, a national ID card or a driving license may be accepted as a primary form of identification. These should have your photograph, name, and signature.

However, the acceptance of these forms of ID can vary by country and test center, so it’s essential to verify with the ETS (Educational Testing Service) guidelines for your specific test location.

Additional Forms of Photo Identification

Some regions may allow other forms of government-issued photo IDs, such as military IDs or employee identification cards. It’s vital to check the ETS website for specific ID requirements based on your testing location.

Remember, all IDs must be original (not photocopied), valid (not expired), and contain your name, photograph, and signature.

Complementary Documents for GRE Test-Takers

Test Confirmation Documents

Upon registering for the GRE, you’ll receive a confirmation email or letter. This document is crucial as it contains your test date, time, and location. Bring a printed copy of this confirmation to the test center as proof of your registration.

Supplemental ID Requirements

In some instances, particularly when your primary ID does not meet all the criteria (such as missing a signature), you may be asked to provide a supplemental ID. This could include a student ID card, a credit card with a signature, or a utility bill with your name and address.

Special Considerations for Non-English IDs

For test-takers in countries where non-English identification is standard, you might need to provide additional, or supplemental, identification. This supplemental ID typically needs to be in English and include your name, photograph, and signature.

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Preparing for the GRE: Beyond the Documents

Understanding the GRE Format and Content

While ensuring you have the right documents is crucial, being familiar with the GRE format is equally important. The GRE General Test measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing skills.

Understanding the structure of these sections and the types of questions asked will aid significantly in your preparation.

Effective Study Strategies for the GRE

  1. Create a Study Schedule:
    • Develop a study schedule that allocates specific times for GRE preparation. Consistency is key to effective studying.
  2. Set Clear Goals:
    • Define your target GRE score and break it down into smaller, achievable goals. This will keep you motivated and on track.
  3. Use Official GRE Materials:
    • Utilize official GRE practice materials, including the GRE Official Guide and PowerPrep software. These resources closely resemble the actual test.
  4. Take Practice Tests:
    • Regularly take full-length practice tests to simulate test-day conditions. Analyze your performance to identify areas for improvement.
  5. Focus on Weak Areas:
    • Concentrate on your weaker subject areas and question types. Allocate more study time to these to shore up your skills.
  6. Understand the Test Format:
    • Familiarize yourself with the GRE test format, including the types of questions in each section and the timing for each.
  7. Learn Test-Taking Strategies:
    • Study effective test-taking strategies, such as time management, process of elimination, and how to approach different question types.
  8. Vocabulary Building:
    • Build your vocabulary by learning new words and their meanings. Flashcards or vocabulary apps can be helpful.
  9. Practice Writing Essays:
    • If your GRE includes the Analytical Writing section, practice writing essays on various topics to improve your writing skills.
  10. Seek Feedback:
    • Have someone review your essays and provide constructive feedback. This can help you refine your writing style.
  11. Join Study Groups:
    • Consider joining or forming a study group with fellow GRE takers. Collaborative learning can be motivating and beneficial.
  12. Stay Healthy:
    • Maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and sufficient sleep. A healthy body supports a healthy mind.
  13. Time Management:
    • Practice time management during your studies to ensure you allocate sufficient time to all sections of the GRE.
  14. Stay Calm on Test Day:
    • On test day, stay calm and confident. Deep breathing exercises can help manage test anxiety.
  15. Review Mistakes:
    • After taking practice tests, thoroughly review the questions you got wrong. Understand why you made mistakes and learn from them.
  16. Simulate Test Conditions:
    • When taking practice tests, mimic test-day conditions as closely as possible. Use the same time limits and breaks to prepare mentally.
  17. Use Online Resources:
    • Explore online GRE forums and resources where you can find additional practice questions, strategies, and tips from test-takers.
  18. Stay Updated:
    • Keep up with any changes or updates to the GRE format or content. The official GRE website is a reliable source for such information.
  19. Take Breaks:
    • Don’t study for long stretches without breaks. Short, regular breaks can help you maintain focus and prevent burnout.
  20. Stay Positive:
    • Maintain a positive attitude throughout your GRE preparation journey. Believe in your abilities and stay motivated to achieve your goals.

Managing Test Day Stress and Anxiety

Test days can be nerve-wracking, but there are strategies to manage your anxiety. Practice relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or meditation, and ensure you get a good night’s sleep before the test. Arriving at the test center early can also help alleviate last-minute stress.


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Being thoroughly prepared with the correct documents for the GRE exam is as crucial as your academic preparation. Double-check all your documents well before the test day to avoid any last-minute issues.

Remember, success in the GRE not only opens doors to graduate schools but also paves the way for future academic and professional opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions about GRE Documents

Q1: Is a passport mandatory for taking the GRE?

A valid passport is the most universally accepted ID. However, if you are taking the test in your home country, other forms of government-issued photo IDs may be accepted.

Q2: Can I use a photocopied document as an ID for the GRE?

No, photocopied documents are not accepted. You must present original, valid documents.

Q3: What should I do if my name on the ID does not exactly match the name I registered with?

It’s crucial that the name on your ID matches the name you registered with. If there are discrepancies, contact the ETS Office of Testing Integrity well before your exam date.

Q4: Are there any specific requirements for non-English identification?

Yes, in regions where non-English IDs are issued, test-takers may need to provide a supplemental ID. Refer to the ETS guidelines for specific requirements in your region.

Q5: What happens if I don’t bring the required ID on test day?

Failure to present the required documents can result in being denied entry to the test and forfeiture of your test fees.

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