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22 May 2024

6 minutes read

Fordham University GPA and SAT Scores: Admission Requirements 

Key Takeaways:

  • Fordham University has a 54.13% acceptance rate, with an average GPA of 3.71 and SAT scores of 1320-1480 or ACT scores of 30-33.
  • The admissions process values academic performance, personal achievements, recommendations, extracurriculars, and essays.
  • With 71% of undergraduates living on campus, Fordham offers a supportive, diverse environment with ample resources for international students.
  • Higher test scores, AP/IB classes, and a comprehensive application improve admission chances.

Fordham University is a well-known private research university in New York City. It has ten colleges, such as business and law, that offer a wide range of great academic programs.

The school’s strong campus community, commitment to service work, and Jesuit mission all work together to make the environment supportive. Fordham is a great place for international students to study because it is friendly, close to everything, and has a lot of helpful resources, such as ESL and International Student tools.

The university’s position in New York City gives students unmatched access to internships, job opportunities, and cultural experiences. These are all backed by a strong global alumni network that can help students grow professionally and personally.

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Fordham University Admissions Statistics 2024: Acceptance Rate

image 1 27

For the 2024 admissions cycle, Fordham University received approximately 47,203 applications and admitted 25,550 students, resulting in an acceptance rate of 54.13%. The university is moderately selective, emphasizing both academic excellence and a holistic review process.

Key Admission Metrics

  • Average GPA: The average GPA for admitted students is around 3.64.
  • SAT Scores: The average SAT score of admitted students ranges from 1320 to 1480, with a median score of 1400.
  • ACT Scores: The average ACT score is between 30 and 33, with a median score of 32.

Application Requirements

  • Required: High school GPA, high school transcript, completion of a college preparatory program, letters of recommendation, personal statement or essay, and English proficiency tests for international students.
  • Considered: High school rank, admission test scores (optional for 2024), work experience, and legacy status.

Student Demographics and Support

  • On-Campus Living: About 71% of undergraduates live on campus, which enhances the vibrant campus life.
  • Financial Aid: Approximately 63% of students receive financial aid, with an average package of $30,147.
  • Retention and Graduation Rates: The first-year retention rate is 90%, and the four-year graduation rate is 75%.

Fordham’s commitment to a holistic review process means that while strong academic performance is crucial, the university also values personal achievements, community service, and other non-academic factors. These offer score to compensate for the students in less time, which makes Fordham University a great choice for international students. This balanced approach ensures that students who excel in various areas have a fair chance of admission.

Fordham University Requirements for Admission

Fordham University, with its campuses at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center, is a prestigious institution that attracts a diverse pool of applicants each year. Understanding the admission requirements is crucial for prospective students aiming to join this esteemed university.

The average GPA required for admission typically hovers around 3.6, reflecting the competitive nature of the applicant pool. In addition to a strong GPA, the average SAT score for admitted students ranges between 1300 and 1450, indicating the university’s high academic standards.

The acceptance rate at Fordham University generally falls around 45%, showcasing its selective admission process. Prospective students must submit letters of recommendation, which play a significant role in the evaluation of applications.

Fordham also considers test scores as part of its comprehensive review process, though some programs may offer test-optional policies. Graduate applicants must meet specific admission requirements, which may include higher GPA thresholds, standardized test scores, and relevant professional experience. Overall, understanding these requirements and adequately preparing one’s application can significantly enhance the chances of getting into Fordham University.

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Fordham University GPA Requirements

To gain admission to Fordham University, students typically need a strong academic profile. The average GPA for admitted students is around 3.71, which places applicants above average compared to many other institutions. This GPA requirement indicates that students generally need to achieve mostly A’s and a few B’s in their high school coursework. If your GPA is lower than 3.71, you’ll need to compensate with higher SAT or ACT scores to remain competitive.


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Fordham University SAT Score and ACT Score Requirements for Admission Process

image 1 26

If you are planning to attend Fordham be it for graduate or undergraduate admission, you will need to have a good SAT and ACT score. There are a lot of factors that makes Fordham University strongly competitive. 

SAT Requirement

Fordham University’s SAT requirements reflect its competitive nature. The average SAT score for admitted students is around 1400, with the middle 50% of students scoring between 1320 and 1480. To be a strong candidate, students are advised to aim for scores in the higher range, ideally 1460 or above, to improve their chances of admission. Scoring 160 points higher than the average SAT can nearly guarantee you admission, according to proprietary admissions strategies which suggest aiming for a score that places you well above the average to ensure competitiveness.

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ACT Requirement

The ACT score requirements at Fordham are similarly high. The average ACT score for admitted students is about 32, with the middle 50% scoring between 30 and 33. Achieving an ACT score of 33 or above can place you in a highly competitive position for admission. Like the SAT, a higher ACT score can significantly enhance your application, especially if your GPA is slightly below the average.

Additional Admissions Requirements

Fordham University’s admissions process is holistic, considering not just GPA and test scores but also letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, personal statements, and AP or IB classes. These elements help demonstrate a well-rounded academic and personal profile, which is crucial for admission to a moderately selective school like Fordham.

Fordham School of Law and Graduate School of Business: Both schools have specific admission requirements. For the School of Law, LSAT scores and undergraduate GPA are critical, while the Graduate School of Business looks at GMAT scores, professional experience, and academic performance.

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How would your chances improve with a better score?

For undergraduate admission to Fordham University, the requirements are strongly competitive. The university requires solid ACT and SAT scores – the average ACT for admitted students is around the school’s average of 31, and scoring a 1460 SAT or higher can nearly guarantee you admission.

Fordham’s undergraduate school is moderately selective with an average GPA of 3.71 for admitted students, though a GPA is hard to change significantly in high school. The university considers a holistic academic profile including AP or IB classes which can help you compete effectively.

For the Fordham School of Law and Graduate School of Business, the admission decision relies heavily on test scores like the LSAT/GMAT and your undergraduate GPA. Fordham gives preference to students who make it a top choice school. While there are no proprietary admissions strategies, the university receives many applications and places you below the average admitted student if your numbers don’t meet the minimum.

Racial and ethnic diversity is valued. Students are advised to choose to submit thoughtful and supportive application materials highlighting fit. The latest articles right on Fordham’s website have more details on points needed on your score for schools to offer admission. Overall, Fordham makes it the best decision to optimize your test scores and GPA to attend this competitive college.

Fordham University Campus Life

Rose Hill in the Bronx, Lincoln Center in Manhattan, and the Westchester campus are the three sites of Fordham University. Each one offers a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities.

At Rose Hill, which is known for its many parks and old Gothic buildings, you can have a typical college experience. On the other hand, the Lincoln Center campus is more urban and puts students close to New York City’s business and culture districts.

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Academic Profile

Fordham University has a good academic image thanks to its challenging courses and commitment to Jesuit educational values that stress moral behavior, intellectual growth, and social justice. The average GPA of the students who got in is about 3.71, which shows that there are a lot of applicants. The test scores are also very good; most of the kids who get in score between 1320 and 1480 on the SAT and 30 to 33 on the ACT


Rose Hill campus, Fordham University’s school of arts and sciences, is highly competitive for undergraduate admission. Fordham University requires strong academic credentials – the school average GPA for admitted students is 3.71, so places you below average if you don’t meet this minimum GPA. To be truly competitive for these schools at Fordham, you’ll need a higher SAT score, ideally 1460 or above.

Your numbers – GPA and test scores – are crucial data points admissions will look at. Scoring well means the school is much more likely to offer you admission to go to Fordham as your college to go to. Check the latest numbers to see what GPA and SAT/ACT points on your score Fordham looks for when reviewing applications. 

While grades are hard to change significantly, taking AP or IB classes can help boost your academic profile. Fordham’s schools will offer preference to students who make it their top choice and submitting a thoughtful, supportive application highlighting your fit can make it the best decision for admission.

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What is the average GPA required for admission to Fordham University?

The average GPA for admitted students at Fordham University is around 3.71, indicating a competitive applicant pool.

What SAT scores are needed to be competitive for Fordham University?

The average SAT score for admitted students ranges from 1320 to 1480, with a median score of 1400. Scoring above 1460 can significantly enhance your chances.

What are the ACT requirements for Fordham University?

The average ACT score for admitted students is between 30 and 33. A score of 33 or above places you in a highly competitive position for admission.

Does Fordham University have a holistic admissions process?

Yes, Fordham’s admissions process is holistic, considering academic metrics, personal achievements, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, and personal statements.

What percentage of undergraduates live on campus at Fordham?

Approximately 71% of undergraduates live on campus, contributing to a vibrant and engaging campus life.

What financial aid opportunities are available at Fordham University?

About 63% of students receive financial aid, with the average package amounting to $30,147. Fordham is committed to making education accessible to all students.

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