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10 July 2024

7 minutes read

German Universities Accepting TOEFL in 2024 – TOEFL Requirements 

Mastering English vocabulary for exams like SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL is important if you are someone who aspires to study abroad. TOEFL is mandatory for admission into German universities because it shows the level of English proficiency which is used heavily in many courses. Since many international students enrol in German universities, it is crucial to have a common practice that would guarantee the successful learning and comprehension of the material in English for all students.

The TOEFL test spans all areas of language use comprehensively in the academic setting by testing proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking as a true assessment of an applicant’s readiness to undertake the curriculum in their choice university. This requirement helps indirectly to improve the quality of education and ensure that students are suitable for their business ventures in Germany.

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Eligibility Criteria for German Universities

It’s always beneficial to learn about all the requirements for studying in Germany, either through Germany study abroad consultants or other sources. Here are the basic eligibility criteria for international students to study in German universities . 

Academic Qualifications

To study at a German university as an international student, you must have qualifications equivalent to the German Abitur. For undergraduate programs, this typically means completing secondary education that allows you to enter university in your home country. For postgraduate programs, a relevant bachelor’s degree is required.

Language Proficiency

If your chosen program is taught in German, you need to prove your proficiency through exams like DSH or TestDaF. For English-taught programs, TOEFL or IELTS scores are required.

Application Process

You must apply through the university’s portal or through Uni-Assist, a centralized service that processes applications for many German universities. Ensure you meet the specific entry requirements of each program, which may include a motivation letter, CV, and academic references.

Financial Proof

You need to demonstrate financial stability to cover your living expenses in Germany. This is usually shown by a blocked account with sufficient funds or a scholarship certificate.

Health Insurance

Having valid health insurance is mandatory for all students in Germany. You can either have a public or private insurance plan that meets the requirements set by German authorities.

By meeting these criteria, international students can successfully apply and secure admission to German universities. Enrol in best TOEFL prep courses to ace the exam,

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German Universities accepting TOEFL score

Here is a list of top 10 German universities and their required TOEFL scores for admission, presented in a tabular form:

University NameRequired TOEFL iBT Score
University of Freiburg95
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich72
Technical University of Munich88
RWTH Aachen University90
Free University of Berlin80
University of Hamburg70
Technical University of Berlin79
International University of Applied Sciences80
Berlin School of Business and Innovation70
University of Bonn80

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TOEFL Requirements For Top German Universities

german universities toefl requirements

Below are the TOEFL requirements for an international student in the top German universities . 

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for admission to German universities, international students must demonstrate their proficiency in English if their chosen program is taught in English. This requirement ensures that students can effectively participate in academic activities and succeed in their studies.

Minimum TOEFL Score

The minimum TOEFL score required for admission to universities varies across institutions and programs. Generally, universities set their TOEFL cut off scores to ensure that students have a strong command of the English language. Get to know how to score a 100 in TOEFL, now!

TOEFL Cut Off Score 2024

The TOEFL cut off score is the minimum score a student must achieve to be considered for admission. For many German universities, this score reflects the level of English proficiency needed for academic success. The TOEFL score requirements are set by each university to match the specific demands of their programs. For instance, the University of Freiburg requires a minimum TOEFL score of 95, which indicates a high level of English proficiency.

A cut off score of 90 is common among some of the more competitive programs and universities, such as RWTH Aachen University. Achieving this score demonstrates that the student has the necessary language skills to handle complex academic material.

Some universities may have higher cut off scores for certain programs, especially those that are more demanding or have a larger international cohort. Students must check the specific requirements of each university as they can vary. Also, know about the 400 must have words for the TOEFL before you start your preparation.


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How to Apply for the TOEFL Exam?

Candidates who wish to take the exam should know how to apply for the TOEFL. To apply for the TOEFL exam, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Account: Visit the official TOEFL website and create an account.
  2. Select Test Date and Location: Choose a convenient test date and location.
  3. Register for the Test: Complete the registration process by providing personal details and selecting the test of English as a foreign language.
  4. Pay the Fee: Pay the exam fee using the available payment options.
  5. Prepare for the Exam: Use TOEFL preparation materials to enhance your English language proficiency.
  6. Send Scores: After the test, send your scores to the university you wish to enter as part of the admission process.

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How to access TOEFL Scores?

To access TOEFL scores, follow these steps:

  1. Log In: Go to the official TOEFL website and log into your account.
  2. View Scores: Navigate to the “View Scores” section to see your results. Scores are typically available 6 days after the test date.
  3. Understand Scoring: TOEFL scoring is based on a range of scores for each section: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. You must score the predefined marks to meet the requirements of TOEFL.
  4. Check Average TOEFL Scores: Compare your scores against the average TOEFL scores for your target institutions.
  5. Send Scores: Send your scores to the universities of your choice, considering their specific rules and changing eligibility requirements.

What is TOEFL score validity?

Candidates taking the TOEFL often ask, “Can I receive my TOEFL scores immediately after the exam?” No, you cannot receive your TOEFL scores immediately after the exam. Official scores are typically available online within 6 days of taking the test.

TOEFL scores are valid for two years from the test date. This validity period ensures that the scores accurately reflect the test-taker’s current English language proficiency. Students looking to study abroad need to consider this timeframe when planning their applications, as universities require that you score within this period to be eligible to apply.

If the scores expire before the application process is complete, you will need to retake the test. Fortunately, the TOEFL can be taken multiple times a year, with a minimum gap of 12 days between tests. This flexibility allows students to retake the test if needed to achieve the required scores for their chosen universities.

Achieving the necessary scores is crucial, as these benchmarks are set to ensure that the talent applying to the university has the language proficiency needed for academic success. Understanding these rules helps students effectively plan their testing and application strategies to meet all requirements and deadlines.

When can I appear for the TOEFL test again?

german universities toefl requirements 1

Can you take the TOEFL test online? Yes, the TOEFL test can be taken online through the TOEFL iBT Home Edition, which allows you to take the exam from the comfort of your home with a secure and reliable internet connection.

You can also retake the TOEFL test anytime within a year; however, you cannot take the TOEFL test within 12 days from the previous date. This interval provides sufficient time for one to assess his/her past performance and plan on how to do better in the coming events. It is very important to time the tests because if you are a user preparing for applications to universities for instance, there will be a number of tests you have to complete within a given deadline.

It’s recommended to register early for the times of your preference and for certain periods of the year which have high demand. The flexibility of the programme’s scheduling enables you attain the required scores in the relevant academic programs.

When to Start Preparing for IELTS or TOEFL?

It is necessary that you get to start early with your TOEFL test preparation, especially if you also intend to writing other tests such as IELTS and PTE. If possible try and start preparing for your test three to six months before the date you want to take the test.

This timeline can help improve the overall English score through progressive and sequential practice and review. The study resources include the language study guides, online courses, and practice tests to enhance knowledge in the language. Also, if you feel you require additional time for the preparation , you can cancel or reschedule the exam. Look into the TOEFL cancellation policy for more information.

TOEFL is widely recognized in many universities across Germany, and if you prepare well in advance enough you will find yourself on the right standard as required. Immersing yourself with professional trainers can also assist you in improving your English and make certain that you have acquired the appropriate level of certifications.

By starting early, you can comfortably address any weaknesses and be well-prepared for the test, ensuring you meet the expectations of the universities you wish to apply to. This preparation strategy is essential for standing out among the talent applying to the university.


Achieving the required TOEFL scores is essential for international students seeking to study in top universities across Germany. The education system in Germany is rigorous, and proficiency in English, demonstrated through exams like TOEFL, is a key requirement.

TOEFL requirements may vary across universities and programs, ensuring students are well-prepared for academic challenges. Comprehensive preparation, available online, can help you secure your spot in your dream college. By understanding and meeting these benchmarks, students can navigate the application process successfully and demonstrate their readiness for a German-language academic environment.

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How do I check if a specific German university accepts TOEFL scores?

You can check the university’s official website or contact their admissions office directly for confirmation on TOEFL score acceptance.

How long is my TOEFL score valid for applying to German universities?

TOEFL scores are valid for two years from the test date.

Do I need to provide proof of English proficiency if I completed my previous education in English?

Some universities may waive the TOEFL requirement if you have completed previous education in an English-speaking country, but this varies by institution.

How soon should I take the TOEFL before applying to German universities?

It’s advisable to take the TOEFL at least six months before application deadlines to ensure timely submission of your scores.

Can I apply to multiple German universities with a single TOEFL score report?

Yes, you can send your TOEFL scores to multiple universities, but you may need to pay an additional fee for each score report.

Do German universities require both TOEFL and IELTS scores?

Typically, you only need one English proficiency test score, either TOEFL or IELTS, depending on the university’s preference.

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