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23 August 2023

4 minutes read

Is TOEFL Accepted in Ireland?

Embarking on the journey to study in Ireland in 2023? If you’re curious about language prerequisites and the weight your TOEFL score holds in the eyes of Irish universities, then you’re in the right place. Let’s dive deeper into the educational avenues that Ireland presents to international students.

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Study in Ireland 2023

Ireland, often hailed as the Emerald Isle, has steadily risen in stature as a distinguished education hub for students across the globe. Steeped in rich history and an enviable culture, Ireland offers an education that stands tall on global parameters.

Why Ireland is Becoming the Go-To Destination

  • World-Class Education: With institutions like Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin, Ireland prides itself on offering top-tier education. These universities have rigorous academic programs and a plethora of research opportunities, making Ireland a hotspot for scholars aiming for quality education.
  • Cultural Experience: Ireland isn’t just about books and classes. It’s an immersion into its deep-rooted folklore, the rhythm of its music, and the profoundness of its literature. As a student, you’d not only gain a degree but also a rich understanding of Irish traditions and cultural nuances.
  • Work Opportunities: With a flourishing economy, Ireland has become a hub for various multinational corporations. This provides students with a plethora of internship and job opportunities post-graduation. Exposure to an international working environment aids in shaping a global perspective.

TOEFL: Deciphering the Test

The Test of English as a Foreign Language, better known as TOEFL, is a benchmark for assessing one’s proficiency in North American English. With wide acceptance across universities worldwide, its digital format often makes it a preferred choice for many aspirants.

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Ireland for International Students

Ireland isn’t just an educational dreamland; it’s a holistic experience waiting for every international student. But how do you make Ireland your next academic home?

English Language Proficiency in Ireland

It’s a well-known fact that Ireland primarily speaks English. Thus, establishing your proficiency is crucial. This is where tests like TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE come into play.

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Understanding Language Tests:

  • TOEFL: A cornerstone for North American English proficiency, TOEFL is predominantly computer-based. With its interactive format and structure, many students find it user-friendly, especially those accustomed to digital interfaces.
  • IELTS: Catering more towards British English, IELTS has versions that are both pen-and-paper and computer-based. It’s globally recognized and often preferred by students looking for versatility in their language assessment.
  • PTE: Known for its computer-centric format, PTE assesses English proficiency, especially in an academic context. Its rapid result processing time makes it a favorite for those in a hurry.

Universities Accepting TOEFL in Ireland

Almost all leading Irish universities, including stalwarts like University College Dublin, recognize TOEFL scores. However, it’s always a prudent move to check their specific guidelines.

Serial NumberUniversity NameLocationTOEFL Minimum Score
1University College DublinDublin90
2Trinity College DublinDublin90
3National University of IrelandGalway88
4University College CorkCork90
5Dublin City UniversityDublin92

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For those standing at crossroads, unable to pick between TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE, let’s break them down:

Serial NumberTest NameTest OrganizationFormatScoringAccepted ByTest Fee (Approx.)
1TOEFLETS (Educational TestingInternet-based (iBT),0-120Universities worldwide$180-$300
Service)Paper-based (PBT)
2IELTSBritish Council, IDP: IELTSFour modules: Listening,0-9Universities and organizations globally$185-$325
Australia, CambridgeReading, Writing, Speaking
3PTEPearsonComputer-based10-90Universities and institutions worldwide$150-$250

Test Format:

  • TOEFL is available in both Internet-based (iBT) and Paper-based (PBT) formats.
  • IELTS consists of four modules: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
  • PTE is a computer-based test that assesses speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.


  • TOEFL scores range from 0 to 120, combining scores from each section.
  • IELTS scores range from 0 to 9, with 0.5 increments.
  • PTE scores range from 10 to 90.

Accepted By:

  • TOEFL scores are accepted by universities worldwide, as well as immigration agencies and various institutions.
  • IELTS scores are accepted by a wide range of universities, organizations, and immigration authorities globally.
  • PTE scores are accepted by universities and institutions around the world, similar to TOEFL and IELTS.
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Test Fee (Approx.):

  • The cost of taking these tests can vary based on location and test center. The provided amounts are approximate and can change over time.

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The Application Tango: Steps to Studying in Ireland

Your TOEFL score is a pivotal step, but there’s more to the application tale.

Student Visa: Your Passport to Irish Shores

Securing a student visa is paramount for your Irish academic dream. Here, your TOEFL score, coupled with other factors, plays a pivotal role.

Key Documents for Visa:

  • Proof of course admission
  • Evidence of funds
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Your TOEFL score report
  • Health insurance documentation

University Admission Process in Ireland

Irish universities often look beyond scores, delving into holistic profiles. This might encompass:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose or personal essays
  • Resume or CV

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TOEFL Score Guide: Aiming for the Top Irish Universities

While the ideal score varies, here’s a ballpark for aspirants:

Undergraduate Courses

  • Commonly sought scores hover around 90.
  • Some specialized courses may have higher benchmarks.

Postgraduate Courses

  • A score upward of 100 is generally recommended.
  • Always peruse the specific university’s guidelines for nuanced details.

Perks of Having a High TOEFL Score

Scoring high on the TOEFL can:

  • Boost your admission chances.
  • Make you eligible for certain scholarships.
  • Be a testament to your dedication and English proficiency.


Ireland beckons not just with its verdant landscapes but as a world-class educational destination. Armed with a good TOEFL score, the Irish academic world can be yours to explore. Here’s wishing you luck on your academic journey in Ireland!


Is TOEFL the only accepted English proficiency test in Ireland?

No, while TOEFL is widely accepted, universities often consider IELTS, PTE, and other recognized tests.

How frequently should I take TOEFL?

Scores from tests taken within the last two years are usually accepted. If your score is older, consider retaking the test.

Can I secure an Irish student visa without TOEFL?

While TOEFL is a recognized test, some universities or visa officers might also accept other proofs of English proficiency or medium of instruction letters.

Do Irish universities offer scholarships based on TOEFL scores?

Yes, a number of universities might provide scholarships based on high proficiency scores, including TOEFL.

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