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6 July 2023

8 minutes read

Jobs after MS in the USA: Jobs, Salaries, and Specializations in Computer Science


  • Wide Job Spectrum: Graduates in the USA enjoy opportunities across engineering, healthcare, and creative sectors.
  • High-Demand Roles: Engineering managers and data scientists are among the top sought-after positions.
  • Sector Versatility: Emerging sectors like healthcare IT and digital marketing offer new career paths.
  • Salary vs. Living Cost: Balance potential earnings with the cost of living in different states.
  • Visa Strategy: Understanding and navigating visa options is critical for career longevity in the USA.

Indian students with an MS in the USA often find themselves at a crossroads, pondering the array of job opportunities available. The quest for a fulfilling job after MS is not just about the paycheck; it’s about finding a role that resonates with your skills and aspirations.

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Engineering Management to Mechanical Engineering

RoleDescriptionMedian Salary (USD)Key Skills RequiredPotential IndustriesCareer Growth Potential
Engineering ManagerOversee projects, lead teams$140,760Leadership, Project Management, Technical ExpertiseManufacturing, Technology, ConstructionHigh, with opportunities to move into senior management
Mechanical EngineerDesign, and develop machinery$88,430Mechanical Design, CAD Software, Problem SolvingAutomotive, Aerospace, ManufacturingModerate, with options to specialize further or move into management
Civil EngineerPlan, and design infrastructure projects$87,060Analytical Skills, Civil Design, Understanding of Environmental ImpactsConstruction, Urban Planning, Environmental ServicesSteady, with the need for infrastructure development and maintenance
Electrical EngineerDevelop electrical systems$99,070Circuit Design, Electrical Systems Knowledge, Software ProficiencyElectronics, Power Generation, TelecommunicationsVaried, with potential in various emerging tech industries

Note: Salaries may vary based on experience, location, and the company. Career growth potential is subject to change based on industry trends and personal development.

Sector-Specific Insights: From Healthcare to Creative Fields

Healthcare and creative sectors are burgeoning with opportunities.

SectorRolesKey SkillsIndustry OutlookWhy It’s In Demand
HealthcareHealthcare IT Specialist, Biotech Researcher, Pharmaceutical ScientistTechnical Expertise, Research Ability, Understanding of Medical ProtocolsGrowing rapidly due to technological advancements and an aging populationWith the rise in health tech and personalized medicine, there’s a need for professionals who can bridge technology and healthcare.
Creative FieldsDigital Marketer, Graphic Designer, Multimedia ArtistCreativity, Technical Proficiency (various software), Marketing KnowledgeEvolving with digital trends, with a steady demand for innovative content creationAs businesses continue to move online, there’s a growing need for engaging digital content, making these roles crucial for brand success.

The tables provide a structured overview of opportunities in engineering and creative fields, highlighting the potential for Indian students and international graduates in the USA. They encompass key roles, salaries, skills, and industry outlooks, offering a detailed snapshot to help guide career decisions post-MS.

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Major Job Sectors in the USA

future after ms in usa

Understanding the major sectors employing MS graduates can provide a clear direction for job seekers.

Software and IT: The Innovation Frontier 

RoleDescriptionMedian Salary (USD)Key Skills RequiredIndustry OutlookCareer Growth PotentialNotable EmployersFuture Trends
Software DeveloperCreate and improve software applications$105,590Coding, problem-solving, teamworkRapidly growing with technological advancementsHigh, potential to become a lead developer or project managerGoogle, Microsoft, AmazonAI, machine learning, mobile development
Cybersecurity AnalystProtect systems from cyber threats and vulnerabilities$99,730IT security protocols, analytical skills, attention to detailIncreasing demand due to rising cyber threatsHigh, essential role with opportunities in various industriesDeloitte, KPMG, government agenciesIoT security, network security, ethical hacking
Systems AnalystEvaluate and improve IT systems for better business processes$88,740Technical proficiency, analytical skills, communicationSteady demand with ongoing digital transformationModerate, can progress to IT director or specialize in certain systemsIBM, Accenture, healthcare institutionsCloud computing, AI integration, system optimization
Network EngineerDesign, implement, and manage computer networks$72,360Network design, troubleshooting, communicatiand on skillsConsistent demand with network-centric operationsModerate to high, potential for network architect or IT managerCisco, Juniper Networks, various industries5G technology, network automation, cybersecurity focus
Data EngineerBuild and maintain data infrastructure$92,600Data warehousing, big data technologies, codingRapidly growing with the surge in data usageHigh, with the potential to become a data architect or analytics managerTech firms, finance, healthcareBig data, real-time analytics, cloud services

Note: Salaries are averages and can vary based on factors like location, experience, and the specific employer.

Healthcare: A Sector of Stability and Growth

RoleDescriptionMedian Salary (USD)Key Skills RequiredIndustry OutlookCareer Growth PotentialTypical EmployersImpact of Technology
Healthcare AdministratorOversee the operations of healthcare facilities$100,980Leadership, healthcare law, budgetingGrowing due to an aging population and healthcare reformsHigh, can advance to senior executive rolesHospitals, clinics, governmentHealth informatics, telemedicine
Biomedical EngineerDesign medical devices and technologies$91,410Engineering principles, innovation, interdisciplinary knowledgeRapid growth with technological advancements in healthcareHigh, particularly in research and development rolesPharmaceutical companies, research institutionsPersonalized medicine, 3D printing, robotics
Clinical Research CoordinatorManage clinical trials and research projects$59,500Organization, communication, and analytical skillsSteady growth with ongoing medical researchModerate, opportunities for project management or regulatory affairsHospitals, universities, research labsData management systems, clinical trial software
Health Informatics SpecialistImplement and manage health information systems$62,000IT skills, understanding of healthcare processesIncreasing demand for efficient data managementHigh, potential for roles in management and consultingHealthcare facilities, IT companiesElectronic health records (EHRs), data analytics, AI
Occupational TherapistAssist patients in developing, recovering, and improving the skills needed for daily living$84,950Patience, creativity, interpersonal skillsGrowing with an aging population and increasing chronic conditionsModerate, potential to specialize or open a private practiceHospitals, rehabilitation centers, schoolsAssistive technology, teletherapy, robotics

Note: Salaries are averages and can vary based on factors like location, experience, and specific employer. Technology’s impact reflects the increasing integration of digital tools in healthcare.

Business and Finance: The Economic Engine

RoleDescriptionMedian Salary (USD)Key Skills RequiredIndustry OutlookCareer Growth PotentialProminent EmployersRelevant Certifications
Financial AnalystAnalyze financial data for business decisions$81,590Analytical skills, financial market knowledgeSteady growth with complex marketsModerate, senior analyst roles, portfolio managementBanks, investment firmsCFA, CFP, MBA
AccountantExamine financial records for accuracy$71,550Detail-oriented, math skills, regulatory knowledgeConsistent demand for financial clarity and complianceSteady, forensic accounting, CPAAccounting firms, corporationsCPA, CMA
Market Research AnalystStudy market conditions to assess potential sales of a product or service$63,790Analytical thinking, communication, and data analysisGand rowing with the need for data-driven business strategiesModerate, can advance to managementMarketing firms, large corporationsProfessional Researcher Certification (PRC)
The increasing importance of market volatilityHelp companies and governments raise capital$100,000+Analytical ability, negotiation, financial modelingHigh potential for economic growthHigh, potential to move into upper management or specialized sectorsBanks, financial services firmsSeries 79, CFA
Budget AnalystHelp organizations organize their finances$76,540Analytical skills, detail-oriented, budgetingSteady, essential for cost management and planningModerate, potential to become a finance directorGovernment agencies, universities, large businessesCertified Government Financial Manager (CGFM)
Risk ManagerIdentify and mitigate financial risks$109,740Risk assessment, analytical skills, decision-makingIncreasing importance of market volatilityHigh, crucial role with potential in senior managementBanks, insurance companies, corporate sectorsFinancial Risk Manager (FRM), Professional Risk Manager (PRM)
Compliance OfficerEnsure legal and ethical integrity by understanding and enforcing policies$68,860Ethical judgment, attention to detail, legal knowledgeGrowing with increasing regulationsModerate to high, potential for director-level positionsFinancial institutions, healthcare, corporationsCertified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP)
Financial PlannerAssist individuals with managing their finances and planning for the future$68,350Interpersonal skills, analytical thinking, financial knowledgeSteady demand with growing financial awarenessModerate, with scope to build a personal clientele or firmFinancial planning firms, self-employmentCertified Financial Planner (CFP)

Actionable Tips:

  • Explore diverse industries for potential job roles.
  • Continuously update your skill set to match industry demands.
  • Utilize professional networks and job portals for opportunities.
  • Be proactive about understanding visa requirements.
  • Consider the financial implications of job locations.

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Top Jobs after MS in the US

job opportunities for ms students in usa

Identifying top jobs can help focus your job search to fit your skills and interests.

Finance: The Lucrative Path

RoleDescriptionMedian Salary (USD)Key Skills RequiredIndustry OutlookCareer Growth PotentialTypical EmployersRelevant Certifications
Investment BankerWork with companies to raise capital$100,000+Analytical skills, negotiation, financial modelingHigh potential for economic growthThe increasing importance of market volatilityBanks, financial services firmsSeries 79, CFA
Financial PlannerAdvise clients on managing their finances$88,890Interpersonal skills, financial knowledge, analytical thinkingSteady demand with growing financial awarenessModerate, with scope to build a personal clientele or firmFinancial planning firms, self-employmentCertified Financial Planner (CFP)
Corporate Finance ManagerOversee a company’s financial activities and strategies$127,990Leadership, strategic thinking, financial analysisGrowing with corporate expansion and complexityHigh, potential to become CFO or financial directorMultinational corporations, large businessesMBA, CFA
Risk Management AnalystIdentify and mitigate financial risks$81,430Risk assessment, analytical thinking, problem-solvingIncreasing importance of market volatilityModerate to high, with potential in senior managementBanks, insurance companies, investment firmsFinancial Risk Manager (FRM), Professional Risk Manager (PRM)

Computer Science: The Ever-Evolving Field

RoleDescriptionMedian Salary (USD)Key Skills RequiredIndustry OutlookCareer Growth PotentialNotable EmployersFuture Trends
Data ScientistAnalyze complex data to help make informed decisions$122,840Statistical analysis, machine learning, data visualizationRapidly growing with the surge in data usageHigh, with pathways to senior roles or consultingTech firms, finance, healthcareBig data analytics, AI integration
Network ArchitectDesign and build communication networks$112,690Network design, troubleshooting, strategic planningSteady demand with increasing reliance on networksHigh, potential to become a chief technology officerTelecom companies, IT services5G technology, network security, cloud services
Full-Stack DeveloperDevelop both front-end and back-end portions of applications$105,813Proficiency in multiple coding languages, full system understandingHigh demand with the growth of web servicesModerate to high, with pathways to project management or specialized areasTech startups, software companiesMicroservices architecture, containerization
Information Security AnalystProtect organizations’ computer systems and networks$99,730Knowledge of security protocols, analytical skills, attention to detailRapidly growing with the increase in cyber threatsHigh, with opportunities for roles in management and consultingBanks, government agencies, tech firmsCloud security, ethical hacking, AI for threat detection

Data Science: The New Frontier

RoleDescriptionMedian Salary (USD)Key Skills RequiredIndustry OutlookCareer Growth PotentialTypical EmployersFuture Trends
Business Intelligence AnalystConvert data into actionable insights$88,510Data analysis, business acumen, communication skillsRapidly growing with the need for data-driven decision-makingModerate, potential to move into management or consultancyCorporations, consulting firms, tech startupsReal-time analytics, AI for predictive insights
Machine Learning EngineerCreate AI algorithms and predictive models$114,121Machine learning, programming, statistical modelingExceptionally high with AI advancementsHigh, with pathways to roles in AI research and developmentTech firms, research institutions, startupsDeep learning, AI ethics, automation
Artificial Intelligence SpecialistDevelop systems and applications using AI$134,300Deep understanding of AI, machine learning, and neural networksRapidly and  growing with AI integration in various sectorsHigh, potential for leading AI projects and researchTech giants, research labs, innovative startupsNatural language processing, robotics, AI ethics
Quantitative AnalystUse mathematical models to solve financial and risk management problems$106,000Strong mathematical skills, statistical analysis, programmingHigh demand in finance and investment sectorsModerate to high, with potential in hedge funds or proprietary tradingInvestment banks, hedge funds, consulting firmsAlgorithmic trading, risk modeling, machine learning

Note: Salaries are averages and can vary based on factors like location, experience, and the specific employer. Future trends reflect the evolving nature of the field and potential areas of growth and innovation. Career progression often requires additional qualifications or certifications.


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How and Where to Find Jobs in the US after a Master’s DegreeAftereraging Networks and Job Portals

do we get job after ms in usa
  • Networking: Engage with university alumni networks, attend industry conferences, and connect with professionals on platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Online Job Portals: Regularly browse and apply through sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn for a wide range of opportunities.
  • Career Fairs: Attend job fairs hosted by universities or professional organizations to meet potential employers.
  • Professional Associations: Join relevant industry groups for networking opportunities and access to job boards.

Internships and Freelancing: A Practical Approach

  • Internships: Seek opportunities through your university’s career center or directly apply to companies of interest to gain relevant experience.
  • Freelancing: Utilize platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr to work on projects that build your portfolio and skills.
  • Project Showcases: Create and share your work online to attract potential employers or clients.
  • Networking for Opportunities: Use your professional and academic connections to find internship or freelancing opportunities.

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Things to Remember while Working on an H1-B Visa in the USA

Legalities and Responsibilities

  • Visa Conditions: Understand the specifics of your H1-B visa, including work restrictions, duration, and renewal conditions.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up to date with changes in immigration policies and how they may affect your visa status.
  • Legal Consultation: Consider consulting with an immigration attorney for personalized advice and to navigate complex situations.

Strategies for Long-term Success

  • Visa Extensions/Changes: Plan and prepare for visa extensions or changes well in advance to avoid gaps in employment authorization.
  • Professional Development: Continuously enhance your skills and qualifications to increase your value and employability.
  • Networking: Build a strong professional network to learn about opportunities and gather support for potential visa sponsorships.
  • Long-Term Planning: Consider pathways to permanent residency (like the Green Card) if you intend to stay in the US long-term.

Post-study Work Visa for Jobs after MS in the USA

Navigating the Visa Landscape

  • Types of Visas: Research the various options like Optional Practical Training (OPT), H1-B, TN, and others that might apply based on your situation.
  • Visa Requirements: Understand the eligibility, documents needed, and application process for each visa type.
  • Visa Timelines: Familiarize yourself with the application windows and processing times to plan accordingly.

Tips for a Smooth Transition

  • Employer Sponsorship: Learn about how employer sponsorship works for visas like H1-B and what you might need from your potential or current employer.
  • Maintaining Legal Status: Stay informed about the conditions of your visa and ensure compliance to maintain your legal status in the US.
  • Timely Applications and Updates: Keep track of expiry dates and necessary extensions or adjustments to your visa status.


Navigating your career in the USA post-MS involves understanding the job market, visa regulations, and financial considerations. Stay informed, adaptable, and proactive in your career planning to maximize your potential for success.

With the right approach, you can build a rewarding career in the dynamic and diverse US job market.

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What’s the average salary after an MS in the USA?

Varies by field and location, research specific roles for accurate figures.

How can I increase my job prospects in the USA post-MS?

Gain practical experience, build a professional network, and tailor your applications.

What work visas are available post-MS, and how do I apply?

Common types include OPT and H1-B. Check the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website for details.

How do I maintain legal status on an H1-B visa?

Follow employment requirements, file for timely extensions, and explore paths to permanent residency.

How does the cost of living affect my salary in different US states?

Higher living costs can offset higher salaries. Compare the cost of living indices for a realistic financial plan.

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