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30 July 2023

5 minutes read

MS after BAMS in the USA

Key Takeaways

  • BAMS graduates can pursue an MS in the USA to expand their knowledge and skills in the medical field.
  • Eligibility for MS includes completing BAMS, passing GRE and TOEFL, and having a strong academic record.
  • The MS degree in the USA offers global exposure and access to advanced research facilities.
  • Post-MS, BAMS graduates have diverse career opportunities in healthcare, research, and academia.
  • Alternative paths after BAMS include pursuing an MBA in Hospital Management or a Master’s in Public Health.

BAMS, or Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, is a prominent medical degree in India. But what happens when a BAMS graduate wants to study MS (Master of Science) in the USA? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the journey.

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Introduction to BAMS and MS

What is BAMS?

BAMS, standing for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, is a degree that focuses on the ancient Ayurvedic medical system.

A graduate with a BAMS degree is well-versed in holistic and natural treatment methods and is ready to offer healthcare solutions using Ayurvedic principles.

What is MS?

MS, Master of Science, is a postgraduate degree that focuses on science and research. An MS degree in the medical field can lead to specializations in various areas of medicine and healthcare.

Quick Tip!

  • Research Thoroughly: Before applying, research universities and programs to find the best fit for your goals and background.

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The Journey from BAMS to MS

The BAMS Graduate in India

A BAMS graduate in India has undergone a rigorous 5.5-year curriculum including an internship. They have been trained in Ayurvedic medicinal practices and have learned to diagnose and treat various health conditions using natural and holistic methods.

Choosing MS after BAMS

After completing BAMS, some graduates may want to broaden their horizons and choose to pursue an MS, often in the USA. This step can provide them with a deeper understanding of modern scientific principles and offer a more global perspective on healthcare.

Despite Ayurveda’s ancient roots, its integration into Western healthcare is relatively recent, with the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) in the USA recognizing and researching Ayurvedic medicine’s potential benefits.

eligibility for ms after bams

Eligibility for MS after BAMS

  • Previous Degree
    • Factors: Previous Degree
    • Description: BAMS or equivalent recognized degree; some universities may prefer a related field.
  • Grade Point Average
    • Factors: Grade Point Average
    • Description: Generally, a minimum 3.0 GPA or equivalent in undergrad; requirements vary by university and program.
  • Letters of Recommendation
    • Factors: Letters of Recommendation
    • Description: Usually 2-3 from professors or professionals in relevant fields, affirming qualifications and potential for graduate study.
  • Statement of Purpose
    • Factors: Statement of Purpose
    • Description: Well-written, detailing career goals, program interest, and alignment with objectives.
  • Research Experience
    • Factors: Research Experience
    • Description: Some programs prefer research experience, especially research-oriented MS programs.
  • English Proficiency
    • Factors: English Proficiency
    • Description: Non-native English speakers need TOEFL/IELTS; exact scores vary per university.
  • GRE Scores
    • Factors: GRE Scores
    • Description: Many universities require the GRE; specific score demands differ; some programs exempt the GRE.
  • Prerequisite Courses
    • Factors: Prerequisite Courses
    • Description: Specific courses during undergrad may be required by certain MS programs; this varies by program.

To pursue an MS degree after BAMS, candidates should fulfill certain criteria. Generally, having completed BAMS, passing entrance exams like the GRE and TOEFL, and having a good academic record would make a candidate eligible.

Quick Tip!

  • Prepare for Exams: Dedicate ample time to prepare for GRE and TOEFL to enhance your chances of admission.

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure involves applying to universities, clearing the necessary entrance exams, and fulfilling all other requirements that may vary from university to university.

opportunities and challenges in the usa

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Opportunities and Challenges in the USA

Holistic ApproachLack of Recognition
Growing DemandRegulatory Barriers
Educational RolesCultural Differences
Research OpportunitiesAdaptation to Western Models
EntrepreneurshipInsufficient Research

Ayurveda in the USA

Although not as prevalent as in India, Ayurveda is recognized and growing in popularity in the USA. There are certain states where Ayurvedic practitioners can legally practice, making the USA a viable destination for BAMS graduates.

MS in the USA: Opportunities and Challenges

Pursuing an MS in the USA can open doors to world-class research facilities, international exposure, and advanced learning opportunities. However, it’s not without its challenges. From clearing competitive exams to adjusting to a new culture, the journey is strenuous but rewarding.

GRE and TOEFL: An Unavoidable Hurdle

To study MS in the USA, clearing exams like the GRE and TOEFL is almost always necessary. These tests assess quantitative, verbal, and analytical skills (GRE) and English language proficiency (TOEFL).


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Completing MS and What Follows

The Course Duration and Content

The duration of an MS degree may vary between 1 to 3 years depending on the specialization and university. The course involves in-depth research, studies, and practical training.

Post-Graduation Opportunities

  • Clinical Practice
    • Opportunity: Clinical Practice
    • Description: BAMS graduates can establish private practices or join clinics/hospitals to provide Ayurvedic treatments.
  • Teaching
    • Opportunity: Teaching
    • Description: Graduates can teach Ayurveda in universities and colleges offering relevant courses.
  • Higher Studies
    • Opportunity: Higher Studies
    • Description: Pursue Master’s (MD, MS) or PhD degrees in Ayurveda or related fields for advanced specialization.
  • Research
    • Opportunity: Research
    • Description: Work in Ayurveda research institutions, conduct trials, develop treatments, and study Ayurvedic practices’ efficacy.
  • Pharmaceuticals
    • Opportunity: Pharmaceuticals
    • Description: Employment in companies manufacturing Ayurvedic products; roles in development, quality, and marketing.
  • Health Consultancy
    • Opportunity: Health Consultancy
    • Description: Offer Ayurvedic lifestyle advice as consultants, in private practice or corporate wellness programs.
  • Government Services
    • Opportunity: Government Services
    • Description: Job opportunities in government health departments or services in countries recognizing Ayurvedic practices.
  • Medical Writing/Journalism
    • Opportunity: Medical Writing/Journalism
    • Description: Utilize communication skills for creating Ayurveda and wellness-related content in writing or journalism.
  • Hospital and Health Care Administration
    • Opportunity: Hospital and Health Care Administration
    • Description: Combine BAMS with management qualifications for roles in healthcare administration.

Post-graduation, there are various opportunities in healthcare industries, universities, research institutions, and hospitals. Many also opt for further studies or doctorate programs.

Quick Tip!

  • Embrace Cultural Diversity: Be open to and prepared for the cultural differences you’ll encounter in the USA, which will enrich your learning experience.

Alternative Paths: Other Options after BAMS

Apart from MS, there are other paths a BAMS graduate can take. Courses like an MBA in Hospital Management or a Masters in Public Health are viable options.

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Choosing to study MS in the USA after BAMS is a significant decision, but with proper guidance and perseverance, it can lead to a rewarding career. Be it the challenges or the opportunities, every step of this journey contributes to personal and professional growth.

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Can BAMS graduates practice Ayurveda in the USA?

Yes, in certain states, BAMS graduates can legally practice Ayurveda in the USA.

What are the entrance exams required for pursuing MS in the USA after BAMS?

Most universities require students to clear exams like GRE and TOEFL.

What are the other options for a BAMS graduate apart from MS?

Options like an MBA in Hospital Management or a Master’s in Public Health are popular choices.

How long does it take to complete an MS degree in the USA?

The duration may vary between 1 to 3 years depending on the university and the specialization.

Can a BAMS graduate work in a hospital in the USA after completing an MS degree?

Yes, upon completion of their MS degree, and meeting certain other criteria, BAMS graduates can work in various healthcare settings in the USA.

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