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SOP Review

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Resume Review

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  • mentor

    Akshay Sharma

    MS in CS, Columbia University

  • mentor

    Priyanshi Porwal

    ME in Bioengineering, UC Berkeley

  • mentor

    Shreyansh Mridul

    MS Engineering & Technology Innovation, CM University

  • mentor

    Shashwat Agarwal

    PhD Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University

  • mentor

    Harsh Agarwal

    Master of Science, Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University

  • mentor

    Shubhangi Sengar

    Master of Science in Business Analytics, Columbia University

  • mentor

    Pradhyumn Singh

    MS Quantitative and Computational Finance

  • mentor

    Nidhi Malhotra

    PhD Robotics, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • mentor

    Lakshya Narula

    PhD in Economics, University of Minnesota

  • mentor

    Vineesha Srivastava

    PhD Physics, University of Strasbourg

  • mentor

    Nikhil Gupta

    MS in Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • mentor

    Shubham Roy

    Masters in Engineering Management, Columbia University

  • mentor

    Oyeshi Das

    MSc in Geographical Information Systems, University of Leeds

  • mentor

    Kratin Sanghvi

    Master of Science, Materials Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  • mentor

    Astha Jain

    Master of Science, Physics, University of Waterloo

  • mentor

    Dhiraj Srivastava

    Master of Engineering in Computer Science, Virginia Tech

  • mentor

    Pratyush Sahoo

    Master of Science, Robotics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  • mentor

    Shubhant Gupta

    MBA, UMD Smith School of Business

  • mentor

    Sachin Srivastava

    Harvard - HBS Predoctoral Fellowship

  • mentor

    Jasleen Kaur Sahni

    MSc Management (Warwick Business School)

  • mentor

    Hetav Naik

    MEM (UT Austin)

  • mentor

    Meghavi Singhaniya

    MSBA UT Austin

  • mentor

    Divsehaj Singh


  • mentor

    Palak Tripathi

    MiM - ICL

  • mentor

    Prakhar Kamal

    MiM - Warwick business school

  • mentor

    Ayushi Bhatt

    MIMS - Berkeley

  • mentor


    MS CS - gtech

  • mentor


    MS CEI - NYU


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